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Our enthusiasm for shooting sports is based on the fascination of sporting competition at the highest level, combined with the constant striving for perfection. Absolute body control and high focus of attention require top physical and mental performance. Seriously done, shooting sports promote physical fitness and health, mental balance and a strong sense of responsibility. Fairness, respect, community spirit and sports friendships lived across borders and cultures are values ​​that we often encounter in shooting sports and that we actively promote.

We at KAHLES share the passion and professionalism of ambitious shooters and we enthusiastically support their aspiration to continually enhance performance. We not only do this with intuitive simple and smart products. We are actively engaged in various shooting disciplines, promoting and developing competition shooting at international level. With our own series of competitions, we offer ambitious shooters the opportunity to compete cross-border in challenging sports competition in which we attach great importance to security, fairness and mutual respect.

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Competitions 2023

Dear shooters! 
We ask for your understanding that due to the current COVID-19 situation many shooting competitions may vary also 2023. 

Our team is trying to keep the calendar as up to date as possible, constantly checking the situation and will make updates as often as possible.

Stay healthy and hopefully and see you 2023 at the range!



Competitions overview map 2023



Competition calendar 2023

2023/01/20KAHLES/APSS SVKPRAKrizovanySVKKAHLES/APSSQualifying event*PRS
2023/02/11KAHLES/IWATCČahticeSVKKAHLESQualifying event*DKLRC
2023/03/11-12Kahles/PRS-Spain "Monkey Desert"Huesca, TardientaESPPRS-EspañaQualifying event*PRS
2023/03/17-19Kahles/Le Arcate "Trofeo 1"CollesalvettiITAKAHLES-F-CLASS
2023/03/25"Moskus Steel"-NORPRS-NorgeQualifying event*PRS
2023/03/25Kahles F-Class IndoorOsijekCROClub Legija-F-CLASS
2023/04/02Kahles/Le Arcate "Trofeo 2"CollesalvettiITAKAHLES-F-CLASS
2023/04/14Rifle CupWiechlicePOLIPSC-Rifle
2023/04/14-16Kahles/Le Arcate "Trofeo 3"CollesalvettiITAKAHLES-F-CLASS
2023/04/15Rauhella VårRauhella SkytebaneNORPRS-NorgeQualifying event*PRS
2023/04/22Rda Rifle MatchCachticeSVKIPSC-Rifle
2023/04/22-23Kahles/PRS-Spain "Black Bull"Huesca, TardientaESPPRS-EspañaQualifying event*PRS
2023/05/05Viking Trail-NORPRS-NorgeQualifying event*PRS
2023/05/05-07Kahles/Le Arcate "Trofeo 4"CollesalvettiITAKAHLES-F-CLASS
2023/05/07-08VII Polish ChampionshipRaclaw, WielkopolskiePOLIPSC-Rifle
2023/05/26-28Kahles/Le Arcate "Trofeo 5"CollesalvettiITAKAHLES-F-CLASS
2023/05/27Rogaland Rumble-Strand-NORPRS-NorgeQualifying event*PRS
2023/05/28Rogaland Rumble-Bøstøl-NORPRS-NorgeQualifying event*PRS
2023/06/02KAHLES/APSS SVKPRAKrizovanySVKKAHLES/APSSQualifying event*PRS
2023/06/10Rauhella SommerRauhella SkytebaneNORPRS-NorgeQualifying event*PRS
2023/06/30German RiflePhilippsburgGERIPSC-Rifle
2023/06/24BROWNELLS Hovden Long RangeHovden, SetesdalNORPRS-NorgeQualifying event*PRS
2023/07/15-16Kahles/PRS-Spain "Inferno"Huesca, TardientaESPPRS-EspañaQualifying event*PRS
2023/07/28Cold Steel-NORPRS-NorgeQualifying event*PRS
2023/08/07Rda Autumn MatchCachticeSVKIPSC-Rifle
2023/08/30-31KAHLES/APSS SVKPRAKrizovanySVKKAHLES/APSSQualifying event*PRS
2023/10/07-08KAHLES/PRS-Spain "Final"Huesca, TardientaESPPRS-EspañaQualifying event*PRS
2023/10/21Kahles F-Class IndoorOsijekCROClub Legija-F-CLASS
2023/11/16KAHLES/APSS SVKPRAKrizovanySVKKAHLES/APSSQualifying event*PRS


* By participating at this competitions you can qualify for the KAHLES final 2023 - more information can be found here.

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