We are pleased of the cooperation with the International Practical Shooting Confederation world association as an official partner for riflescopes in the field of “IPSC Rifle” since January 2020. Our common goal is to promote the sport shooting disciplines of the IPSC and to contribute to further expanding the IPSC community of today more than 200.000 members worldwide. Beside we want to continue on our chosen path of close networking with the IPSC community, in order to constantly sharpening our understanding of the challenges of this sport and of the resulting product requirements.

"Our sport is a technical sport. The success of athletes depends on the quality of the equipment. Companies producing equipment for our athletes are also developing sports as we, IPSC officials. Therefore, we attach the highest importance to partnership with companies producing and supplying sports products to our athletes. Because only in such close cooperation are victories and the best products for humanity born!"

Vitaly Kryuchin, IPSC President

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IPSCWorld is the official magazine of the International Practical Shooting Confederation. It is published quarterly, distribution is electronic and readers are able to access the magazine  The magazine is published in English.
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