Official team members


Olle Ackehed (SWE)
K18i, K16i, K624i, K525i | 3GR
IPSC shooter

Rifles: Custom
Cartridge: 223 Rem
Action: JP
Barrel: Proof
Stock: Magpul/Zevtech
Trigger: uronen precision
Brass: Mixed
Brake: Sohlen/TE Titan
Bipod: Harris and Atlas
Bag: Tsg
Mount: SPUHR
Other important equipment: Hornady Bullets

Previous successes:
4th and 5th in World Championship



Bradley Allen (USA)
2x K525i | SKMR3, SKMR4
PRS shooter

Rifles: A-Team Precision Firearms
Cartridge: 6mm Dasher
Action: Impact
Barrel: MullerWorks, Bartlein
Stock: Manners PRS-TCS
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Alpha
Brake: Area419 Maverick
Bipod: MDT Ckye Pod
Tripod: RRS
Bag: Armageddon Game Changer
Mount: MPA 

Previous successes:
2 times 2nd place PRS Open Division for year
Several National 2 day PRS Wins
2019 Champion KAHLES Shooter Challenge
Several 1 day regional PRS wins
2nd place Armageddon Cup 2019

Favourite shooting range:
K&M Precision Rifle Training (USA)



Brian Allen (USA)
2x K525i | SKMR3, SKMR4
PRS shooter

Rifles: A-Team Precision Firearms
DAR Custom Builds, 3G-Sports/QC10 PCC AR-9
Cartridge: 6mm Dasher
Action: Impact
Barrel: MullerWorks, Bartlein
Stock: Manners PRS-TCS
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Alpha
Brake: APA Fat Bastard
Bipod: MDT Ckye Pod
Tripod: RRS
Bag: Armageddon Game Changer
Mount: MPA BA Mount

Previous successes:
4 time Top Senior World wide in the PRS
2 time Top 10 with one 5th place PRS yearly finish open division
6 Ntiona 2 day PRS match wins with 26 top finishes
Dozens regional PRS match wins
2 time King of K&M shooters challenge series
Invited to first Armaggedon Cup 2019 (finished 7th)

Favourite shooting range:
K&M Precision Rifle Training (USA)



Christine Allen (USA)
2x K525i | SKMR3, SKMR4
PRS shooter

Rifles: A-Team Precision Firearms
DAR Custom Builds, 3G-Sports/QC10 PCC AR-9
Cartridge: 6mm Dasher
Action: Impact Left Bolt Right Port
Barrel: MullerWorks, Bartlein
Stock: Manners PRS-TCS
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Alpha
Brake: APA Fat Bastard
Bipod: Harris
Tripod: RRS
Bag: Armageddon Game Changer Large
Mount: MPA BA Mount

Previous successes:
2018 Southeastern PRS open division Champion
Top Female several National and Regional matches
Several TOP 5 Finish Reginal and few National Level matches

Favourite shooting range:
K&M Precision Rifle Training (USA)




Sascha Back (GER)
K18i, K16i, HELIA RD | IPSC, 3GR 
IPSC, Revolver, Steel Challenge shooter

Rifles: Dynamic Arms Research DAR-15 IPSC Advanced,
DAR Custom Builds, 3G-Sports/QC10 PCC AR-9
Cartridge: .223 Rem, 9mm Luger
Action: Dynamic Arms Research
Barrel: Lothar Walther/DAR Spec. 18'' Heavy Barrel light,
16.75'' Superlight
Stock: DAR Superlight Stock
Trigger: CMC Straight 2,5lbs
Brass: Geco, RWS
Brake: Tronrud TE Titan
Bipod: B&T Atlas Accushot, Nordarms large
Bag: 5.11 Shock
Mount: Spuhr SCP-3022, Spuhr SP-3022

Previous successes:
European Champion IPSC Revolver 2010, 2nd 2013/2016
3 times 4th at IPSC Worldshoot Revolver 2011/2014/2017
European Steelchallenge Winner Revolver Open/Std.2014/15/16/17/18
2x Second Place IPSC Rifle German Nationals 2018/2019
2x German Champion IPSC Rifle PCC 2018/2019

Favourite shooting range:
Worldshoot Rifle location Sweden
Universal Shooting Academy Frostproof USA
Philippsburg GER



Joshua Bartlett (USA)
K525i, K624i, K1050, K16i | AMR, SKMR3, MSR/Ki, MOAK
PRS, Benchrest, 2Gun, Rimfire shooter

Rifles: Area 419, Mega Arms, LaRue Tactical,Vudoo Gunworks
Cartridge: 6mm GT, 6,5 Creedmoor, 223, 22LR
Action: AREA 419 Hellfire (Defiance Deviant)
Barrel: Bartlein
Stock: Manners Composite 
Trigger: TriggerTech
Brass: Alpha Munitions
Brake: Area 419 Hellfire, AREA 419 Maverick
Bipod: B&T Atlas
Tripod: Leofoto
Bag: Armageddon Gear (Reasor
Mount: American Rifle Company (ARC) M10s

Previous successes:
1/11 D. Reynolds LR local match 2020
1/15 D. Reynolds Rimfire KYL 50y steel match 2020
5/65 (Top TAC) PNTC PRS Club 1 2019
15/54 (Top TAC) PNTC PRS Club 4 2019
60/112 Buckeye Classic 2019
84/261 K&M KAHLES PRS 2019
62/198 (PRO) GAP GRIND 2018

Favourite shooting range:
K6M Precision Rifle Training



Dan Blake (USA)
K525i | SKMR3
Precision Rifle, Precision Carbine shooter

Rifles: Area 419 6mm - Heavy 7.5 tw barrel, built for LR competition
Cartridge: 6mm Comet (BR case, similar to a BRA or Dasher)
Action: Defiance
Barrel: Bartline or PROOF. M24 contour, 7.5 tw
Stock: Manners TCS
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Lapua
Brake: Area 419 Hellfire / Maverick (half suppressor, half brake)
Bipod: B&T Atlas
Tripod: Really Right Stuff with Leveling base and Pan head
Bag: Armageddon Gear "Schmedium" - waxed canvas, heavy sand fill
Mount: ARC 
Other important equipment: Federal Primers, Varget powder, Berger 105 bullets

Previous successes:
Finish consistently in the top 25% of national matches
Finish consistently in the top 5 of a one day match

Favourite shooting range:
GA Precision - home range



Allan Bronden (DNK)
2x K624i | SKMR3 
PRS, LR, ELR shooter

Rifles: 2x Tikka T3 Custom build, Remington 700 LA Custom build
Cartridge: 6.5 Creedmoor, 6BRA , 300WINMAG
Action: Tikka with DLC coating, Rem700LA original
Barrel: Lothar Walther Heavy Palma, Lothar Walther M24
Stock: MPA Competition chassis (Tikka) , XLR Element chassis (Tikka), McMillan A3-5ADJ (Rem700)
Trigger: Original with custom springs
Brass: Lapua (6.5cm, 6BRA) Norma (300WM)
Brake: APA Little bastard, Viking, Vertebrae
Bipod: Harris Bipods with Area419 arcarail adapt
Bag: Armageddon Gear Game changer & TAB gear rear bag small
Mount: MPA, ARC M10 & EraTac Adjustable
Other important equipment: Kestrel, Labradar, MSA Sordin EP. Bullets: Lapua ScenarL 136 6.5, Hornady HPBT 105. Berger 230 Hybrid, Chairmann and cofounder of JFSK.dk

Previous successes:
1st PRS Denmark 2019 seasonlist
1st Individual 2018 Kahles Long range cup
1st Team 2018 Kahles Long range cup
1st 2017 EXLRS Long Range CUP
3st 2016 EXLRS Long Range CUP
1st 2013 Danish hunting-union national cup

Favourite shooting range:
Borris & Karup (DEN)



Markus Buzanich (AUT)

K525i / DLR, K18i | AMR, SKMR4, 3GR
LR, ELR, F-Class Production Open shooter

Rifles: Sako TRG M10, Tikka T3 Tactical, Ritter&Stark SLX, Strasser RS700
Cartridge: .223 Rem, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua, 6,5x47 Lapua, 6,5 Creedmoor
Other important equipment: Lapua cases, Lapua App, Lapua Scenar L and Berger LRHT Bullet

Previous successes:
1st place KAHLES Le Arcate Trofeo 2023, ITA
ELR 6,5x47 Lapua Record,
Range Record, Borris with .223rem

Favourite shooting range:
Borris DNK, Le Arcate ITA



Ryan Charlton (GBR)
K525i DLR | SKMR4
PRS shooter

Rifles: Impact Precision, Ultimatum Deuce, Howa
Cartridge: 6mm Dasher, .22LR, 6x47, .223ai
Other important equipment: MTD Chassis, Kestrel, Triggercam, Praesidia Victory Bag

Previous successes:
1st Hornady Hustle 2023, Great Britian
2nd C2 Precision Brings PRS to Bisley 2022, Great Britian
1st Gardners Guns Big SIS 2022, Great Britian
PRS Outstanding Contribution to PRS Award 2022, United Kingdom
5th overall PRS 2022, United Kingdom
25th IPRF World Championships 2022
3rd Palanino Valley 2022, Great Britian
1st NRL22 2021-2022, United Kingdom
1st GBPRA Team Qualifier (British Qualification Record) 2021, Great Britian

Favourite shooting range:
The one I’m on!



Kenneth Crisp (USA)
K624i, K525i, K318i, K16i | SKMR3
PRS shooter

Rifles: 6BR, 6XC, 6.5 SAUM
Cartridge: Berger 105 Grain, Norma LRAB 142, Berger 109 Grain
Action: Deviant
Barrel: MullerWorks
Stock: Manners
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Lapua, Alpha
Brake: APA
Bipod: Harris
Tripod: Manfrotto
Bag: Armageddon Game Changer Large
Mount: Badger
Other important equipment: Armageddon Game Changer small

Previous successes:
Top 10 One Day matches

Favourite shooting range:
K&M Precision Rifle Training (USA)



Michal Dudzik (POL)
2x K525i | SKMR3
PRS, Long Distance Dynamic and Tactical shooter

Rifles: Custom
Cartridge: 6.5-284 Norma
Action: Defiance Deviant
Barrel: Proof Carbon 28''
Stock: KRG Whiskey3 Folding
Trigger: Bix'n Andy
Brass: Lapua
Brake: A-Tec Marksman
Bipod: Custom from Czech
Tripod: Hog Carbon
Bag: Cole Tac
Mount: WKZ
Other important equipment: Kestrel Hud, A-Tec Marksman Supressor

Previous successes:
4 times 1st place Sniper Mission
7 times 1st Long Range Mykita
and some more



Donnie Flowe (USA)
K18i, K16i, K318i, K624i | 3GR x2, SKMR3 x2
3-Gun, USPSA, PCC, Sniper Challenge and PRS shooter

Rifles: Lead Star Arms LSA-15, Masterpiece Arms BA6.5
Cartridge: 5.56, 6.5 Creedmoor
Action: Semi-Auto, Curtis Action
Barrel: Proof Research 16", 18" and 20", MPA
Stock: Smoke Composites Adj Carbon Fiber
Trigger: Timney DH3 and CE660, Timney Calvin-Elite
Brake: Ultradyne X1, MPA
Bipod: Atlas
Tripod: Swarovski Carbon Fiber Travel tri-pod
Bag: Weibad and Armageddon Gear
Mount: Warne Scope Mounts and MPA
Other important equipment: KAHLES HELIA RF, Swarovski SLC 15x56, Tru-Spec Clothing

Favourite shooting range:
Clinton House 



Keith Garcia (USA)
K18i, K16i, K525i | 3GR, SKMR4
3-Gun, Action Pistol and Air Rifle shooter

Rifles: POF USA, Daystate Red Wolf
Cartridge: .223, .308, .25
Action: Semi Auto
Barrel: 16''
Stock: Daystate Red Wolf (Safari)
Trigger: AR Gold
Brass: Hornady
Brake: U.M. Tactical Rage
Bipod: Warne Skyline
Mount: Warne Skel

Previous successes:
USPSA Multigun National Champion 2013 & 2015
USPSA Law Enforcement Multigun Champion 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015-2017, 2019 & 2020
3Gun Nation $ 50,000 Shoot-Off Champion 2012

Favourite shooting range:
SAC Valley Shooting Center



Rory Gibbons (IRL)
K525i, K1050 | SKMR3, SKMR4
PRS shooter

Rifles: Defiance, Tikka
Cartridge: 6mm Dasher, 6XC
Action: Defiance deviant elite, Tikka T3
Barrel: International Barrels inc.
Stock: MDT ACC
Trigger: Triggertech Diamond 2 stage
Brass: Lapua, Peterson
Brake: APA gen3 fat bastard
Bipod: Ckye-pod
Tripod: Innorel RT90C
Bag: Armageddon gear shmedium
Mount: SPUHR
Other important equipment: Swarovski SLC 15x56 binoculars, KAHLES RF-M 7x25

Previous successes:
1st place Precision rifle series 2022, United Kingdom
2nd place overall Irish rifle league 2022, Ireland
2nd place overall Irish rifle league 2021, Ireland
3rd place overall Precision rifle league 2019, United Kingdom

Favourite shooting range:
Midlands National Shooting Centre (IRL)



Gianni Guidi (ITA)
K525i, K318i | MSR2/Ki, SKMR4
Dynamic Long Range shooter

Rifles: Victrix-Rottigni off. Meccanica
Mod. Gladius
Cartridge: 260 re
Barrel: 26”
Stock: Victrix-Rottigni off. Meccanica
Trigger: Victrix-Rottigni off. Meccanica
Brass: Lapua , Peterson
Brake: Victrix - Rottigni off. Meccanica
Bipod: Victrix - Rottigni off. Meccanica
Tripod: Manfrotto
Bag: SOD
Mount: ROME
Other important equipment: Ghillie suit : Tactical Concealment , ballistic software: FFS, Range finder: Vectronix

Previous successes:
Skiritai competition range master and organizer

Favourite shooting range:
Le arcate (ITA)



Veronika Hrbková (CZE)
K525i | AMR
PRS and Dynamic Long Range shooter

Rifles: Ruger PR
Cartridge: 6mm Dasher
Action: Ruger
Barrel: Proof
Stock: Ruger
Trigger: Ruger
Brass: Ruger

Previous successes:
3rd Shield TAC Slovakia 10/2019
2nd Long Range Magnum Slovakia 09/2019 
13th DLR KAHLES final Austria 08/2019
2nd Tactical Slovakia KAHLES Cup 06/2019
3rd Long Range Magnum Slovakia 06/2019
2nd Long Range Standard Slovakia 06/2019
1st Long Range Standard Slovakia 05/2019
19th Master of 2KM France 04/2019
3rd Long Range Magnum Slovakia 04/2019
2nd Long Range Slovakia 04/2019
5th Skirita Legacy Italy 04/2018
3rd Shield TAC Slovakia 10/2018



Tomaz Jamnik (SVN)
K318i | MSR/Ki
Long Range and Benchrest shooter, IPSC Rifle/Handgun

Rifles: Savage 10 FCP, SDM M16 Marksman (for IPSC)
Cartridge: .260 REM, .223 REM (for IPSC)
Action: Savage 10
Barrel: Lothar Walther
Stock: HS Precision
Trigger: Savage Accutrigger
Brass: Norma
Bipod: Versa Pod
Tripod: Custom
Bag: Custom
Mount: Tier One
Other important equipment: Kestrel 3500 anemometer, Accu-shot monopod

Previous successes:
Military Snipers World Championship, Bzenec, CZ, 2016 - 7th place
Skiritai The longest day 2020, Italy - 6th place
IPSC rifle Standard national champion 2016 - present
IPSC rifle level III. RDA Slovakia 2019 2. place, KUK rifle open 2019 2. place

Favourite shooting range:
Pocek (SVN)



Dragan Jovanovski (MKD)
K1050 | MOAK
F-Class TR shooter

Rifles: SAKO TRG 22 .308Win
Cartridge: LAPUA Scenar L 175 grain, N140, CCI BR2
Action: SAKO TRG
Barrel: SAKO 660mm/11'' Twist
Trigger: SAKO TRG
Brass: Lapua
Bipod: Sinclair
Bag: Selfmade
Mount: Optilock SAKO
Other important equipment: Reloading Equipment

Previous successes:
since 2010 more than 30 medals in BALKAN F-CLASS



Shannon Kay (USA)
K525i | SKMR4
PRS shooter

Rifles: GA Precision
Cartridge: 6GT
Action: Defiance
Barrel: Bartlein
Stock: Manners PRS-TCS
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Alpha Munitions
Brake: Area419 Maverick
Bipod: Harris
Tripod: Really Right Stuff
Bag: Armageddon Gear
Mount: Badger
Other important equipment: Federal primers, Kestrel Hodgdon powder, Swarovski Binoculars and Spotters

Previous successes:
5 PRS Pro Series Match wins
Multiple PRS Regional Series wins

Favourite shooting range:
K&M Precision Rifle Training (USA)



Jeremy Kisner (USA)
K525i, K624i, K16i, HELIA RD | AMR, SKMR4
PRS, Precision Rimfire/Practical Rimfire Challenge and 2Gun Series shooter

Rifles: Area419 built bolt-action rifles
Cartridge: 6CX, 223Rem, 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 SAUM, 338 Norma Mag
Action: Defiance Deviant
Barrel: Bartlein Barrels
Stock: Manners
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Alpha Munitions
Brake: Area419 Hellfire
Bipod: Atlas
Tripod: Leofoto
Bag: Gamechanger
Mount: SPUHR Mounts or American Rifle Company rings

Favourite shooting range:
Peacemaker National Training Center



Dirk Klaver (ZAF)
K525i, K624i | SKMR3
NRL and Long Range shooter

Rifles: Kelbly 260 Rem , Kelbly 6XC , Kelbly 9.3x62 , Rem700 7x57
Cartridge: 260 , 6XC , 9.3x62 , 7x57
Action: Kelbly and Remington 700
Barrel: Bartlein
Stock: Mc Millan A5 , Warrior Gen6
Trigger: Bix'n Andy
Brass: Norma
Brake: APA Little fat bastard and Warrior Silensors
Bipod: Atlas
Tripod: Manfrotto
Bag: Wiebad and Area419
Other important equipment: Kestrel

Previous successes:
PRS Finals USA 2017
NRL Finals USA 2019
Top 10 NRL South Africa 2019



Mario Kneringer (AUT)
IPSC Rifle shooter

Rifles: AR-15 Brownells Custom
Cartridge: .223 Rem
Action: Faxon Light Weight Bolt Carrier
Barrel: Faxon 18'' Match Barrel
Stock: D.A.R. Ultra Light
Trigger: TriggerTech Adjustable
Brass: GGG on Starline
Brake: Tronrud Engineering TE-Titan Open
Bipod: Harris 1x6-9''; 1x9-13''; 1x13-27''
Tripod: Shadowtech
Bag: Eberlestock Halftrack
Mount: Recknagel Ultra light
Other important equipment: Magpump Magazine Loader

Previous successes:
2 times Austrian Vice Champion IPSC Rifle
2 times Austrian Team Champion IPSC Rifle
since 2014 in the Austrian National Team IPSC Rifle
2 times participant European and World Championship IPSC Rifle
16 times Austrian National Champion IPSC Handgun
12 times Winner of IPSC Level III matches 
5 times Winner 3Gun matches

Favourite shooting range:
Sportschützenclub Wien (AUT), SSC Matzendorf Hölles (AUT)



Martien Knoops (NLD)
K525i DLR | SKMR4
PRS and Dynamic Long Range shooter

Rifles: Solid Solutions Designs custom
Action: Ultimatum Deadline
Cartridge: 6mm Dasher / 6mm BR
Barrel: Proof Research
Stock: MDT ACC
Trigger: Bix'n Andy TACSport Pro
Brass: Lapua
Brake: APA Little Bastard Gen 3
Bipod: MDT CKYE pod
Tripod: RRS anvil 30
Bag: Armageddon Gear Shmedium
Mount: Spuhr
Other important equipment: Send iT Original Electronic Level System, Kestrel, MagnetoSpeed V3, Berger Bullets, HELIA RF42

Previous successes:
1st place TSC-LRSB Gold Match 2019
1st place CNTLD 2021
4th place Bathory KAHLES PRS series Round 1 / 2022
6th place Bathory KAHLES PRS series Round 3 / 2022
14th place Finale FRPRA 2022
31th place Precicion Rifle World Championships IPRF 2022

Favourite shooting range:



Jenny Koskimäki (FIN)
K18i | IPSC
IPSC and SRA shooter

Rifles: Nordic Components 22lr, Nordic Components PCC, Ruger 556

Previous successes:
Finnish Champion in IPSC PCC and Action Air 
Top ranking in SRA Finland Ladies



Alexander Kreutz (GER)
K1050 | MOAK 
F-CLASS shooter

Rifle: AS.H. Walküre
Cartridge: .300 WSM
Action: Schuler
Barrel: Benchmark
Stock: Rudolf Eckbauer
Trigger: Bix'n Andy
Brass: Norma
Tripod: SEB Mini
Bag: Lenzi
Mount: Recknagel
Other important equipment: Berger bullets

Favourite shooting range:
National Shooting Centre Bisley (GBR)



Jarkko Laukia (FIN)
K18i | IPSC reticle
IPSC shooter

Rifle: Nordic Components NC-15
Cartridge: .223 Rem
Brake: Finntac
Bipod: Atlas BT-65

Previous successes:
Rifle World Shoot Gold - Open Class 2019
Rifle World Shoot Bronze - Open Class 2017



Iker Ortiz De Lejarazu (ESP)
K525i | AMR, SKMR4
PRS, PRS 22, F-Class shooter

Rifles: Accuracy International AT-X, Bergara B14
Cartridge: 6.5 Creedmoor, .22 LR
Other important equipment: -

Previous successes:
3rd place Precision Rifle Series league 2022, Spain
2nd place Precision Rifle Series "Inferno" 2022, Spain
1st place Precision Rifle Series "Final" 2022, Spain
1st place Precision Rifle Series "Navarre spring shooting" 2022, Spain
4th place Precision Rifle Series Championship 2022, Spain

Favourite shooting range:
Monegros Desert (ESP)



Kinga Listosz (POL)
K525i DLR | SKMR4
DLR, F-Class, dynamic shooter

Rifles: Remington 700
Cartridge: .308 Win
Other important equipment: KRG Bravo Chassis

Previous successes:
16th place im Mykita League 2022, Poland
5th place Zimowy Sniper, Poland
4th place light infranty, Poland

Favourite shooting range:



Jose Antonio Lema Soto (ESP)
K1050 & K525i | MOAK, SKMR4
F-CLASS and PRS shooter

Rifles: Rifle BCM, Tomson Center 
Cartridge: .300 WSM, 6,5 Creedmoor
Barrel: Brux, Serial Barrel
Stock: Handmade and tactical stock (PRS)
Trigger: Bix'n Andy, Serail
Brass: Norma; Lapua
Brake: Serail (PRS)
Bipod: Harris
Bag: AIM
Mount: Tier One 

Favourite shooting range:
Irland, National Shooting Centre Bisley, Spain



Bartosz Luczak (POL)
K525i, K1050 | MSR2, MOAK
F-Class and LR shooter

Rifles: Rößler TITAN 6 TAC, Sabatti Tactical Desert, HK MR308-G28
Cartridge: 6,5 Creedmoore, 308WIN, .177
Action: Rößler, Sabatti, HK
Barrel: Lothar Walther, Sabatti, HK
Stock: Rößler/MDT, Sabatti, HK
Trigger: Rößler, Sabatti, HK
Brass: Lapua
Bipod: all ;) - F-class, Fortmeier, Atlas, Harris
Bag: Custom
Mount: Spuhr
Other important equipment: Kestrel, Labradar, Rangefinder

Previous successes:
2020 European 2nd Vice-Champion Sniper OPEN Class - LREC.eu
2020 European 2nd Vice-Champion TEAM – Sniper OPEN Class - LREC.eu
2019 F-CLASS 2019 LEAGUE RANKING - 3. Semi-Auto class (overall) & 3. Sniper class (overall) F-class.pl 
Champion 1000y Semi-auto class - Polish F-class
2019 Vice Champion 1000y Sniper class - Polish F-class 
2018 F-CLASS 2018 LEAGUE RANKING - 3. Sniper class (overall) F-class.pl
2017 F-CLASS 2017 LEAGUE RANKING - 1. Semi-Auto class (overall) F-class.pl

Favourite shooting range:
Casull Shooting Range - Skarzysko Kamienna Poland (POL)



Juno Valerio Lunatici (ITA)
K318i, K624i , K525i | SKMR3, MSR/Ki, AMR
PRS, Long Range and IPSC shooter
Shooting instructor, trainer and match director for DLR / IPSC

Rifles: Vitrix Scorpio 338 LM, Vitrix Gladius 308 Win.
Cartridge: Lapua 338 LM, Ruag 338 LM, Fiocchi
Action: Victrix
Barrel: 22'' (338 LM), 24" (308 Win.)
Stock: Victrix
Trigger: Victrix 
Brass: Lapua, Ruag
Brake: R.O.M.E
Bipod: R.O.M.E
Bag: Coletac
Mount: R.O.M.E
Other important equipment: 5.11 various

Previous successes:
FINNSniper 2017/2018/2019
Police Sniper Competition Italy 2004/2005 (1st and 3rd place team score)
IPSC Italian Championship 2000-2010 (varoius placements)
International Police Shooting Competition Czecch Republic 2004 (3rd place team score)

Favourite shooting range:
Le Arcate Shooting Range (ITA)



Quintin Lyle (GBR)
K1050 | MOAK
F-class, FTR shooter

Rifles: Vitrix Target black belt, Barnard custom
Cartridge: .308
Action: Barnard P action, Victrix AISI 630 single shot
Barrel: True Flite 32'', Victrix Benchmark 28''
Stock: Barnard custom laminate thumb down, Victrix Custom Carbon thrums down
Brass: Lapua Palma
Bipod: Seb Joypod
Bag: AIM
Mount: Teir One
Other important equipment: Cens ear protection

Previous successes:
2 times Scottish Open Championship 2018/2019
GBFCA 2nd European Championships 800 yards 2019
GBFCA 2nd Scottish Championships Blair Atholl 2019

Favourite shooting range:
West Atholl Rifle Range (GBR)



Xavier Mareuil (FRA)
K525i | MSR2/Ki
PRS and LR shooter

Rifles: Custom Defiant Defiance (Remington 700)
Cartridge: 6XC
Action: Defiance Deviant Tactical
Barrel: Lothar Walther
Stock: ALEX
Trigger: TriggerTech
Brass: Norma
Brake: SAKO
Bipod: Atlas
Mount: Spuhr

Previous successes:
Champion France TLD 2017
Champion Belgium TLD 2018
several placements PRS

Favourite shooting range:
Camp Caylus (FRA)



Angiesan Mendez Soto (CRI)
K525i, K318i | SKMR3, SKMR4
LR and ELR shooter

Rifles: Savage 12 LRP, Savage 110
Cartridge: 308Win, 338 Lapua Magnum
Action: Savage Target
Barrel: McGowen
Stock: XLR Carbon
Trigger: Rifle Basix
Brass: Lapua
Brake: American Precision Arms (APA): Little Bastard, Fat Bastard
Bipod: Atlas Super CAL, AccuTac HD-50
Tripod: Shadow Tech, Pig Saddle
Bag: Armageddon Gear
Mount: Spuhr, MasterPiece Arms
Other important equipment: Kestrel 5700 Elite, KAHLES RF-M

Previous successes:
2020 1st place Dynamic Long Range Cal. 22 lr, Bolt Action Rifle, Costa Rica
2019 3rd place KAHLES Dynamic Long Range Shooting, Argentina.
2014 1st place High Power Rifle, Copa Serengeti Cup, Costa Rica



Ernest Nagy (SVK)
K18i, K16i | 3GR, G4B
IPSC Rifle, Mini Rifle, Handgun and Shotgun shooter

Rifles: V-AR Sport
Cartridge: 223 Rem
Barrel: Lothar Walter 18'', twist 1:8
Stock: Luth-AR
Brass: Lapua
Brake: JP Recoil Eliminator
Bipod: Harris
Mount: Spuhr QDP-3046, QPD-5002
Other important equipment: LOS Bullets 52 gr. T, Prvi Partizan Bullets 62 gr. FMJ, Vihtavuori and Lovex powder, Primers KVB223 Murom Pressburg Western, Shield Compact MiniSight SMS 2, Shield 45 Deg Offset Picatinny Mount, Shield Picatinny Mount for SMS, ProArms Cerakote

Previous successes:
World Rifle Champion, Sweden 2019, senior category, SAO
AustralAsia Championships, Filippines 2019, 2nd place, senior, PDO
European Championships, Serbia 2019, national team 2nd place, PDO
Rifle World Shoot, Russia 2017, national team 4th place, SAO
Central European Rifle Open, Hungary 2014, 1st place, SAO
World Shoot, Greece 2011, national team 2nd place, PRD
AustralAsia Championship, Malaysia 2010, 2nd place, PRD
Central European Shotgun, Hungary 2010, 1st place, Open
World Shoot, Bali 2008, national team 3rd place, PRD
European Championship, France 2007, national team 1st place, PRD
PanAmerican Championship, Ecuador 2003, 2nd place, PRD
PanAmerican Championship, USA 2000, 2nd place, PRD

Favourite shooting range:
RDA shooting range Čachtice (SVK)
Training Center LEŠŤ (SVK)



Dave O'Hara (GBR)
K1050iFT | MHR 
Field Target and F-Class shooter

Rifles: Walther LG 400 Custom
Cartridge: 4.5mm Diabolo / 7-270 WSM
Action: Lothar Walther / Defiance Machine
Barrel: Lothar Walther / Krieger
Stock: Warren Edwards Custom
Trigger: Walther / Zenith
Brass: JSB Diabolo / Norma
Brake: Zenith (FT)
Bag: Elite Design
Mount: BKL

Previous successes:
Northern Ireland Field Target Champion
Irish, Northern Ireland, Britisch F-Class Champion
Irish 1000y Benchrest Champion
3rd WFTF Team Championship

Favourite shooting ranges:
ISF Jorden, Field Target Blair Atholl (NOR), Scotland



Aidar Okenov (KGZ)
K525i DLR | SKMR4
DLR, T-CLASS shooter

Rifles: Tikka Tac A1, MDT ACC Chasis / Blaser R8, Akilla Chasis
Cartridge: 6.5 Creedmore / .338 Lapua Magnum

Previous successes:
3rd place 2020 Sniping KG: hunting class, Bishkek (KGZ)
3rd place 2022 Sniper Cup stage 1, Bishkek (KGZ)
2nd place 2022 Yssik-Kul mile, Balykchi (KGZ)
3rd place 2022 Sniper Cup final, Bishkek (KGZ)
1st place 2023 KAHLES LR-Cup, Bishkek (KGZ)

Favourite shooting range:




Garth Olivier (ZAF)
K525i | SKMR3
PRS, NRL and LR shooter

Rifles: Tikka T3, Howa 1500, Defiance Ruckus,
Sako A7 Roughtech, CZ550 Delux, Mojet 2.1
Cartridge: 6mm Creedmoor, 6,5 Creedmore, 6mm Dasher
.308 Win, 375 H&H, 284 Shehane
Action: Tikka
Barrel: Krieger, Howa, Tikka, Bartlein, Sako, CZ, Mojet 
Stock: Warrior Chassis
Trigger: Bix'n Andy
Brass: Lapua
Brake: Warrior XL
Bipod: Harris
Tripod: Leofoto
Bag: Armageddon
Mount: Spuhr
Other important equipment: Armageddon Gamechanger

Previous successes:
Represented South Africa at PRS Finale 2019
Finished 2nd in PRS Seris South Africa
Finished Top 5 NRL South Africa
Finished Top 5 in all National Level Matches in 2019

Favourite shooting range:
Fort Mistake (South Africa)



Nikolas Omland (NOR/USA)
K525i DLR, K318i | SKMR4, MSR
PRS and DFS shooter

Cartridge: 6XC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6 Creedmoor
Action: Ultimate Deadline, Remington 700, Tikka T3
Barrel: Bartlein, Brux, Proof
Stock: Vision Chassis
Trigger: Triggertech Diamond 2 stage
Brass: Norma
Brake: Vision
Bipod: MDT Ckye-pod
Tripod: Ulfhednar HD40
Bag: Drengr, Wiebad
Mount: Spuhr
Other important equipment: Kestrel, Timer, HELIA RF 42 Bino


Previous successes:

1st Viking trail 2022
1st Kahles DLR finale 2022
2nd Rogaland Rumble 2022
3rd Rauhella vår 2022
3rd Open Team World championship of precision rifle
3rd PRS Abusdal 2022

1st PRS Hodne 2021
1st PRS Toten 2021
2nd Viking trail 2021
2nd Mykland Kickoff 2021
2nd PRS Jæren 2021
2nd Dæladrønnet 2021
2nd PRS Norway season 2021
3rd PRS Norway finale 2021
3rd Palmesmellen 2021
3rd PRS Abusdal 2021

Favourite shooting range:
My private range with good friends



Cosmin Oprean (ROU)
K624i | SKMR3
ELR, F-CLASS, PRS shooter

Rifles: Cadex Custom / Sheepdog
Cartridge: .33xc, 6,5 Creedmore, 338 Lapua Magnum
Other important equipment: Swarovski STR


Previous successes:
1st place VTSU Zahorie Senica, SVK
2023 - 10th place K01M, FRA
2022 - 1st place Romanian LR Cup, ROM
2022 - 2nd place Sniper Comp, HUN
2022 - 10th place K01M, FRA
2021 - 1st place Precision Rifle Contest, HUN
2018 - 3rd place Magnum 1400m, SVK
2019 - 4th place K01M, FRA
2019 - 1st place Long Range Steel Challenge Comp, HUN
2017 - 3rd place KAHLES Cup, Felixdorf AUT


Favourite shooting range:




Markus Pack (AUT)
K15i, K16i, K18i, K624i | G4B, 3GR, MSR/Ki
IPSC, LR and ELR shooter

Rifles: Tikka 6,5CM, Formteier M2002, HOWA1500, OA15
Cartridge: 6,5CM, .408CT, .338LM, .308 Win, .223Win
Action: Factory Bolt action, Factory Semiauto
Barrel: Lothar Walther on Fortmeier and HOWA
Stock: Factory Tikka, Custom on Fortmeier and OA15
Trigger: Timney
Brass: MEN .223Win, RUAG .308 and 338LM, Dorfner .408CT
Brake: Fortmeier, HarrisH
Bipod: Fortmeier, own design on others
Tripod: Vectronix LTT-3 and MPT-2
Bag: Helikon Tex in several sizes
Mount: Spuhr ISMS on all rifles
Other important equipment: BR Tuote Silencer, Stalon Silencer, Kestrel 5700

Previous successes:
European Champion IPSC Revolver Team
IPSC Worls Worldshoot National Team Member

Favourite shooting range:
Philippsburg (GER), Borris Range (DNK)



Lauren Parsons (USA)
K1050iFT, K525i MOAK, K1050 MOAK | MHR 
Field Target, Extreme Bench Rest, NRL .22 shooter

Rifles: Daystate Red WOlf FT LPR edition, Daystate Red WOlf HP
Cartridge: .177 airrifle, .22 airrifle
Barrel: Lothar Walther
Stock: Minelli
Trigger: Daystate Electronic Match trigger
Brass: Pellets-JSB
Brake: Rowan Engineering
Bipod: AccuTac FC-G2
Bag: Primal Gun Gear
Mount: Sportmatch
Other important equipment: Rowan Engineering adjustable Forend, Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket and gear

Previous successes:
Ladies World Field Target Champion 2022
Ladies US National Champion 2018, 2019
2nd place Ladies Field Target Champion 2014, 2017, 2018
Ladies World Field Target Champion 2015

Favourite shooting range:
Rio Salado Sportsmans Club (USA)



Javier Nieto Santos (ESP)
K525i | SKMR3
PRS and F-Class shooter

Rifles: Bergara B14, Dolphin Custom, Steyr SSG 08, AR 15 Custom
Cartridge: 6.5 Creedmoor, 308Win
Action: Bergara, BAT MB
Barrel: Bergara, Bartlein 5RB
Stock: Bergara BMP, Dolphin
Trigger: Bix'n Andy, Jewel
Brass: Lapua
Brake: Bergara Brake
Bipod: Harrys, Custom Bipod
Tripod: Manfrotto
Bag: Armageddon
Mount: Spuhr, Nightforce

Previous successes:
National F-Class Champions
PRS Match Champions

Favourite shooting range:
Monegros Desert (ESP)



Luciana Pereira da Silveira (BRA)
K1050i FT | MHR 
Field Target shooter

Rifles: Air Arms TX200
Cartridge: 4.5 mm
Action: Spring
Barrel: Lothar Walther
Stock: Mark Lawrence Gun stocks
Trigger: Standard
Mount: Sportmatch - DM70

Previous successes:
World Field Target Champion 2022
1st place WFTC-England-Spring/Piston Ladies 2019
2nd place Brazilian Field Target Championship 2019
2nd place Brazlian Field Target Championship 2018
3rd place WFTC-Wales-Spring/Piston Ladies 2017



Raine Peltokoski (FIN)
K18i | IPSC
Practical, rifle, shotgun, pistol and PCC shooter

Rifles: ADC
Cartridge: Lapua
Action: semi-auto
Barrel: Peurala
Trigger: Geissele
Brass: Lapua
Mount: Spuhr

Previous successes:
Winning Gold in 100% of matches participated 2007-2016 
including all European Championships 2009, 2021 and 2015
Silver in World Championships 2017 and 2019



Aco Polic (SRB)
K525i, K624i | Tremor3, MSR/Ki
LR and ELR shooter

Rifles: Zastava Mini Mauser Custom Build, AI PM
Cartridge: 6mm Dasher, .308Win
Action: Zastava Mini Mauser, AI PM Original
Barrel: Lothar Walther MTU, Border Barrels
Stock: Custom made by AI PM outer shape, Factory Original
Trigger: Customized Factory Original
Brass: Lapua
Brake: APA Little Bastard
Bipod: Harris SBRM with KMW Lock and Picatinny Rail Adapter
Bag: Armageddon and Tab Gear
Mount: Spuhr, AI Factory
Other important equipment: Kestrel 5700 with AB, Magneto Speed V3 Bullet,105gr Berger VLD Hunting, Powder, Varget

Previous successes:
2nd place KAHLES DLRC Austria 2018
5th place Individual KAHLES DLRC Austria 2018
7th place Individual KAHLES DLRC Austria 2019



Janez Poll (SVN)
K525i, K318i | AMR
Sniper, LR, ELR, PRS, Precision shooter

Rifles: Ritter&Stark SX-1
Cartridge: 338LM
Action: R&S
Barrel: R&S
Stock: R&S SX-1
Trigger: Bix'n Andy
Brass: ALL
Brake: R&S
Bipod: Fortmeier
Mount: Era Tec
Other important equipment: Landcamo Gear

Previous successes:
3 times 2nd place Skiritai Extreme Sniper
5. World Military Sniper Championship
a lot of wins in last 20 years

Favourite shooting range:
Senica SK



Mike Rogan (USA)
K525i | SKMR4
Precision Lang Range shooter

Rifles: A- Team GA Precision 
Cartridge: 6 GT
Action: Impact
Barrel: Bartlein
Stock: Manner TCS
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Alpha Brass
Brake: Area419 Maverick
Bipod: Warne
Tripod: Cretac/Feisol
Bag: Armageddon Gear
Mount: Hawkins Precision
Other important equipment: Berger Bullets

Favourite shooting range:
K&M Precision Rifle Training (USA)



Tyler Riley (USA)
K525i, K624i | SKMR3
PRS and Precision Rimfire shooter

Rifles: Area419 
Cartridge: 6mm GT, 223 Rem
Action: Defiance Machine
Barrel: Bartlein 
Stock: Masterpice Arms Matrix
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Alpha Munitions
Brake: Area419 Sidewinder/Maverick
Bipod: Accutac
Tripod: Rally Right Stuff
Bag: Gamechanger
Mount: Masterpiece Arms
Other important equipment: Swarovski SLC 15X50, Kestrel Elite 5700

Previous successes:
Top 10 Tactical Class 2019 PRS

Favourite shooting range:
Rayner Range



Matt Rooks (USA)
K525i, K318i | SKMR3
Long Range Precision Rifle shooter

Rifles: Short Action Customs
Cartridge: 6-Dasher
Action: Impact Precision 737R
Barrel: Hawk Hill Customs
Stock: MasterPiece Arms BA
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond Pro-Curv
Brass: Lapua
Brake: N/A. Area419 Maverick Suppressor
Bipod: Harris
Tripod: RRS TVC 22i
Bag: Armageddon Gear Gamechanger
Mount: MasterPiece Arms
Other important equipment: Swarovski SLC 15X50 Binoculars

Previous successes:
3 times Precision Rifle Series national Match Winner
2 times AG Cup Qualifier
Top 5 AG Cup Finisher

Favourite shooting range:
Home Range



Markus Rössler (AUT)
K525i DLR | SKMR4
DLR / PRS shooter

Rifles: AS.H Walkuere
Cartridge: 6,5x47 Lapua
Action: Custom
Barrel: Lothar Walther
Stock: MDT ACC
Trigger: TriggerTech Diamond
Brass: Lapua
Brake: A-TEC Marksman
Bipod: Atlas CAL
Tripod: Really Right Stuff 34 MK2
Bag: Kriterium Barricade & X-Large Bag
Mount: Spuhr ISMS
Other important equipment: Vectronix Terrapin X LRF, Kestrel 5500, Kriterium Precision Shooting Gear

Previous successes:
3rd 09/2021  KAHLES-DLRC Final 2021, Italy
1st 08/2021  KAHLES RDA Bathory Cup PRS, Slovakia
1st 06/2021  KAHLES RDA Bathory Cup PRS, Slovakia
1st 06/2021  KAHLES RDA Bathory Cup F-Class, Slovakia
2nd 09/2020 KAHLES RDA-APSS Bathory Cup PRS, Slovakia
2nd 09/2020 KAHLES APSS DLR-League 2020 (overall), Slovakia
1st 07/2020  KAHLES APSS DLR, Slovakia

Favourite shooting range:
RDA Shooting Range Čachtice (SVK)



Dirk Sauber (NAM)
K525i DLR
PRS / DLR shooter

Rifles: Custom
Stock: AIM Chassis
Cartridge: 6GT
Action: Defiance Ruckus
Barrel: Bartlein Mod 400
Trigger: Jewell HVR
Brake: Custom
Mount: Eratac Blockmount

Previous successes:
1st place KAHLES Dynamic Long Range Competition Final 2023, Italy
1st place South African National PRS Championship 2022, South Africa
7th place IPRF World Championship Open class, 2022 France
1st place Namibian National PRS Championship Overall Open class 2022, Namibia
5th place South African National PRS Championship 2021, South Africa
1st place Namibian National PRS Championship Overall Open class 2021, Namibia
1st place Namibian National PRS Championship Overall Open class 2020, Namibia


Favourite shooting range:



Mikael "St. Michael" Schelén (SWE)
K18i, K525i, HELIA RD | 3GR
IPSC Rifle, Mini Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun, Steel Challenge and PRS shooter

Rifels: Zev Technologies "The Armoury Edition" AR-15, QC-10 "The Armoury Edition" PCC
Cartridge: .223 52gr Hornady Match TGRT load, 9mm (9x19) 115gr
Action: Zev Technologies
Barrel: Proof Research
Stock: Luth-AR MBA1
Trigger: Uronen Precision
Brass: Hornady
Brake: Te-Titan
Bipod: Atlas Bipods , CAL, PSR and 5-H
Tripod: Manfrotto
Bag: Wiebad
Mount: Spuhr Mount
Other important equipment: Zev Wedge Lock handguard, Uronen Precision, Charging Handle, Iron City Rifle Works BCG

Previous successes:
Member of the Top Gun Rifle Team
Swedish National Team Shooter in two Rifle World Championships
Medalist in multiple Swedish Championships
Winner of several international Level 3 Matches in Rifle, PCC and Shotgun

Favourite shooting range:
I love them all... from the grassy plains of Mongolia to the red dust of South Africa... but home is alway home.



Mike Sexton (USA)
K16i, K18i, K318i, K525i | 3GR, SKMR4
3Gun, USPSA, Sniper and PRS shooter

Rifels: Leadstar Arms, Masterpiece Arms
Cartridge: 556, 224VAL, 6mm CM, 6.5 CM, 22LR
Action: Curtis Axiom
Barrel: Proof, Masterpiece Arms
Stock: Luth, Masterpiece
Trigger: Hiperfire, TriggerTech
Brass: Lake City, Lapua
Brake: Leadstar Ravage, American Precision Arms
Bipod: Atlas, Harris
Tripod: Leofoto LN404C
Bag: Armageddon, Wiebad
Mount: Larue, Masterpiece
Other important equipment: Tru-Spec Clothing, Patriot Gun Cases, Dissident Arms

Previous successes:
Bushnell Sniper Match 2018 2nd place, 2019 3rd place, 4th place 2020
Shooter Sourc 3Gun Championship 3rd place 2018 Open Division
3Gun PRO-AM Championship 2nd place 2018 Open Division
3Gun Southeast Regional 2nd place Open Division
3Gun Southeast Regional 3rd place Open Division

Favourite shooting range:
Clinton House Plantation.



Josef Sixt (GER)
K525i, AMR
PRS / DLR shooter

Rifles: Custom Made
Cartridge: 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm BR Norma, 6mm GT
Action: Tikka
Barrel: IBI, Bix'n Andy
Stock: MDT ACC
Trigger: Bix'n Andy
Brass: Lapua, Alpha Munitions
Brake: MDT Elite
Bipod: MDT Cyke Pod
Tripod: RRS
Mount: Era Tac

Previous successes:
1st place PRS Italy 05/2022
1st place BATHORY KAHLES PRS SERIES Slovakia 05/2022

Favourite shooting range:



John-Arthur Skogaas (NOR)
K525i, K1050 | MSR2, MOAK
UNL, F-Class Open, Benchrest, LR and DFS shooter

Rifels: Sig Sauer 200 STR, Kelbly Stolle Panda
Cartridge: 6 PPC, 6 Dasher, 6,5x55
Action: Sig Sauer 200 STR, Stolle Panda
Barrel: Blaser, Bartlein, Krieger
Stock: Home made (JAS), Kelbly Klub
Trigger: Sig Sauer, Jewell
Brass: Norma
Brake: Vektor
Bipod: RPS, JJ Frontrest
Bag: THLR, Edgewood
Mount: Nightforce
Other important equipment: Magneto Speed Chronographs, Sierss, Norma, Berger Bullets, Norma Powder, RWS Primers

Previous successes:
2nd place KAHLES Dynamic Long Range Competition 2018
National Championships:
2020 1st place UNL 500m
2019 3rd place UNL 500m, 3rd place HV 100m 2020 1st place UNL 500m
2018 2nd place F-Class Open 600m
2017 2nd place F-Class Open 500m 
2016 2nd place UNL 500m 
2015 2nd place UNL 500m 
2014 1st place UNL 500m

Favourite shooting range:
Nidaros Shooting Range (NOR) 
Beistad JSK Shooting Range Norway (NOR)



Sumit Sondhi (AUT)
K1050 | MOAK
F-Class, FTR shooter

Rifles: Rössler Titan 6
Cartridge: .308 Win, .300 WSM
Other important equipment: Joypod x, Dima RS Bag, SPUHR mount

Previous successes:
1st place FTR RDA Drapliak 032022, Slovakia
3st place F-Class "tactical/sniper" RDA Drapliak, 032022, Slovakia
Diploma category "standard" .308 longshot, 042022, Poland
Diploma category "open" 1100m longshot, 042022, Poland
1st place FTR RDA Drapliak 052022, Slovakia
1st place F-Class "tactical/sniper" APSS Krizovany, 062022
1st place FTR RDA Drapliak 082022, Slovakia
3rd place European Long Range Championsship "magnum + overall highest score", 092022, Poland
1st place FTR RDA Drapliak 102022, Slovakia
3st place F-Class "tactical/sniper" RDA Drapliak, 102022, Slovakia
1st place sesaon FTR RDA Drapliak, Slovakia
3rd place sesaon F-Class "tactical/sniper" RDA Drapliak, Slovakia
3rd place F-Class "tactical/sniper" APSS Krizovany, 022023

Favourite shooting range:
Drapliak, SVK



Marko Sterle (SVN)
K1050 | MOAK, Crosshair Dot
F-Class, LR and Tactical shooter

Rifels: Sako, Kelbly
Cartridge: .284Win, .308Win, 6PPC, 6,5x47 Lapua
Action: Sako, Stolle Panda
Barrel: Shilen
Stock: Kelbly, McMillan
Trigger: Sako, Jewell
Brass: Lapua
Bipod: selfmade
Bag: SEB
Mount: Kelbly
Other important equipment: SEB Rest

Previous successes:
Multiple Winner of the Balkan League at 100m, 300m, 500m
Multiple Slovenian National Champion in Hunting Shooting
2nd place Team KAHLES Dynamic Long Range Competition 2018

Favourite shooting range:
Ljubljana City Range (SVN)



Christoph Stronz (GER)
2 K525i DLR, SKMR4
PRS / Long Range shooter

Rifles: Roedale Tuned Tikka T3x / Victrix Armaments Scorpio
Cartridge: .260 Rem, .338 Lapua Magnum
Action: Roedale tuned Tikka T3x
Barrel: Lothar Walther
Stock: PSE Etac
Trigger: Roedale Tuned Tikka, Victrix Factory
Brass: Süddeutsche Hülsenmanufaktur, Ruag
Brake: Warrior 5 Port Tuner, Victrix Factory
Bipod: Harris, ROME
Bag: Armageddon Gear Gamechanger 
Mount: Era Tac 20 MOA 

Previous successes:
3rd place Central European PRS Championship 2022 Round 2
3rd place Central European PRS Championship 2022 Round 4

Favourite shooting range:



Samuel Ščepko (SVK)
K18i | 3GR
IPSC rifle / pistol shooter

Rifle: DPMS 3G1
Cartridge: .223 Remington
Action: DPMS factory
Barrel: 18 inch JP
Stock: Magpull
Trigger: HIPERFIRE eclipse
Brass: FMJ
Brake: JM muzzle brake
Bipod: Atlas
Mount: Spuhr

Previous successes (Pistol):
1st place junior chamiponship, Slovakia
1st place junior at lvl 3 Beretta extreme, Poland
1st place overall at lvl3 Slovak open, Slovakia 
2nd place overall at lvl 3 Arsenal Cup

Favourite shooting range:
Čachtice (SVK)



Jo Eken Torp (SWE)
K525i | SKMR2, MSR2
LR, Field Shooting and PRS shooter

Rifles: Sig Sauer SSG3000, Sig Sauer STR
Cartridge: 6.5x55
Action: Sig Sauer SSG3000
Barrel: Sig Sauer STR 67, 74cm barrels
Stock: LRD Sweden JET-01 Chassis
Trigger: Sig Sauer stock STR trigger
Brass: Norma
Bipod: Accu Shot ATLAS PRS
Tripod: Really Right Stuff TFCT-34L MK2
Mount: Spuhr ISMS

Previous successes:
TOP 10 in Viking Rifle Series 2018/2019
1st place Sommarträffen 2018
2nd place at MSRC 2018
Frequently among top shooters at national field shooting competitions

Favourite shooting range:
Kikarfält Sthlm long range training



Jakub Sidorowicz (POL)
K318i | SKMR3 
F-Class, Target Competition, PRS and Tactical shooter

Rifels: AR-10 STAE ARMS
Cartridge: 6,5 Creedmore
Action: STAE
Barrel: 24''
Stock: Maepul PRS Stock
Trigger: TriggerTech 
Brass: Hornady
Bipod: Fortmeier H210
Tripod: Genesis Carbon
Bag: Peli
Mount: WK2
Other important equipment: Kestreal AP.B, LEICA Rangefinder

Previous successes:
4th place F-Class Semi-Auto. 2019
3rd place Polish Championship F-Class
2nd place F-Class Semi-Auto. 2018
2nd place Long Shot Semi-Auto. 2019
2 times 1st, 1 time 2nd PPLRS Semi-Auto.

Favourite shooting range:
WITU Zielonka (POL)



Giulia Trevisan (ITA)
K525i | 2x AMR
DLR, F-CLASS, PRS shooter

Rifles: Ruger Precision Rifle 308Win, Ritter&Stark 6.5 CM / 338LM
Cartridge: .308 Win, 6,5 Creedmore, 338 Lapua Magnum
Brass: Lapua
Bipod: Accu-Tac
Tripod: Bog-Carbon
Mount: Mil-Tec

Previous successes:
1st place KAHLES DLRC Final 2022, Collesalvetti ITA
06.11.2021 - 2nd place PRS Rimfire, Cavaglià ITA
18.09.2021 - 2nd place Bathory KAHLES Cup F-Class Series RDA
04.09.2021 - 2nd place PRS Rimfire, Cavaglià ITA
27.06.2021 - 5th place Centuria-Domina, Le Arcate ITA

Favourite shooting range:
Le Arcate - Collesalvetti (ITA)




Matt Utroska (USA)
K525i | SKMR4 
PRS shooter

Rifels: Jenny (rifles name)
Cartridge: 6 Dasher
Action: Impact
Barrel: Hart
Stock: Manners
Trigger: Bix'n Andy
Brass: Alpha
Brake: APA Gen3 Fat Bastard
Bipod: Accu-Tac
Tripod: Leofoto
Bag: Armageddon Gear
Mount: Seekins Rings
Other important equipment: Berger IOS Hybrids, Shooters World Precision Powder

Favourite shooting range:
Gunline Shooting



Paulius Vilpisauskas (LTU)
K525i, K1050 | SKMR3, MOAK
Tactical and PRS shooter

Rifles: Sauer Phantom, Blaser LRS2
Cartridge: Norma 6XC, Norma 6BR, 6,4x284 Norma, 6,5x55, .308Win, .300WinMag
Action: Sauer, Blaser
Barrel: Lothar Walther
Stock: Factory Original
Trigger: Factory Original
Brass: Factory Original
Brake: Original Factory  Blaser
Bipod: Sinclair Tactical
Tripod: Swarovski Tripod, HOG Saddle, Gitzo Head
Bag: Coletac
Mount: MAK, Recknagel, Spuhr
Other important equipment: Kestrel, Labrador, 3m Peltor Sporttac

Previous successes:
Lithuania's Minister's of Defence Cup 1st place 2014
Lithuania Golden Fox Cup 1st place 2015
2nd place Individual, 3rd place Team Snipers Fest 2018
1st place Lithuania Golden Fox Cup 2019
1st place Team, 3rd place individual Snipers Fest 2019
4th place KAHLES DLRC Austria 2019
1st place KAHLES DLRC Poland 2020

Favourite shooting range:
Lithuanian Armed Forces Shooting Ranges (LTU)



JD Williams (USA)
K18i, HELIA RD | 3GR
USPSA (PCC), USPSA (Limited), 2-Gun and 3-Gun shooter

Rifels: Heckler & Koch MR556, Heckler & Koch SP5
Cartridge: 5.56, 9mm
Action: Factory
Barrel: Factory
Stock: Hogue, Revolutionary Roller Locks
Trigger: HIPERFIRE Eclipse, Factory

Previous successes:
5th place Overall 3-Gun Nation Nationals 2019
1st place in Class USPSA Alabama Sectional 2020
3rd place in Class USPSA Georgia State Championship 2020

Favourite shooting range:
ALTUS Shooting Solutions



Sandro Zečevič (DNK)
K525i, K624i | SKMR3
PRS, LR and ELR shooter

Rifles: TIKKA T3 Super Varmint, Sako TRG42
Cartridge: 6,5x55, .338LM
Action: Both Original
Barrel: Lothar Walther
Stock: GRS Adjustable Hunter (TIKKA), KRG Rear stock, GRS cheekpiece (SAKO)
Trigger: both original
Brass: Norma (6,5x55 SE), Lapua (.338LM)
Brake: Vertebrae
Bipod: RPS Bipod
Bag: Armageddon Game Changer
Mount: Spuhr
Other important equipment: Kestrel, Labrador, 3m Peltor Sporttac

Previous successes:
3rd 2015, 1st 2016, 3rd 2017, 1st 2018 EXLRS Long Range CUP
1st Team KAHLES DLRC 2018
1st 2017, 2nd 5/2020, 2nd 6/2020 2nd 7/2020

Favourite shooting range:
Coldbore Range DK (DNK)