General information / requirements

On the DYNAMIC K LONG RANGE COMPETITION "final's" a selection of the best international competition shooters have the opportunity to compete against each other once every year and under different time limits, from different stages up to various static/dynamic goals and distances.

For being invited to this KAHLES competition final's, you have to participate and qualify yourself first at one of the special KAHLES qualifying competitions before. These will be held every year in various countries around the world. The so called "qualifying competitions" are market with this symbol  in our competition calendar.


KDLRC 2023 (Collesalvetti / Italy)
2nd Nyland Sindre (NOR) | 1st Dirk Sauber (NAM) | 3rd Jan Jacobus van der Merwe (NAM)
KDLRC 2023 (Collesalvetti / Italy)
 2nd Nina Kostadinova (BUL) | 1st Giulia Trevisan (ITA) | 3rd Miona Živadinović (SER)
KDLRC 2022 (Collesalvetti / Italy)
2nd Synder Nyland (NOR) | 1st Nikolas Omland (NOR/USA) | 3rd Jarnes Mydland (NOR)
KDLRC 2022 (Collesalvetti / Italy)
 2nd Michaela Fialova (CZE) | 1st Giulia Trevisan (ITA) | 3rd Valentina Lanotte (ITA)
KDLRC 2019 (Felixdorf / Austria)
II Aleksei Chernobrovkin (RUS) I Aleksandr Kravtsov (RUS) III Sergei Emelianov (RUS)

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