The international Precision Rifle Series (PRS) series in USA has always been one of KAHLES most important partners in the field of dynamic shooting sports. Starting from USA, we support today a large number of  national PRS-Series all over the world with the common goal to support specifically the sport and its participants.

In following PRS-Series we are main sponsor or in a special partnership 2020:

PRS-Series USA
Born out of Military, Law Enforcement and Hunting scenarios, the practical application of the precision rifle is the underlying theme for all series. Whether you are looking for a local club to join or you want to test yourself against the best shooters in the nation and the world, the Precision Rifle Series has a spot for you.


PRS-Series Spain
The Spanish PRS competitions are held very differently and focus on different basic aspects which include many stress factors for the participants. No two competitions are the same and are therefore unique and very challenging.


PRS-Series Denmark
PRS DK is the term for the cooperation and network that exists between the associations that seek to promote modern rifle shooting (PRS) for hunters and shooters in Denmark, hence the overall term, PRS DK. They are each their own association with their own chairmen, statutes, etc.


PRS-Series Norway 
Established 2016, is a Norwegian sports association for field based long range and precision shooting competitions with fullbore rifles. It can be viewed as the Norwegian version of the American PRS Series. Norwegian competitions are arranged in a cup format similar to the U.S. version.


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