Product recommendation for competitions


Dynamic Long Range competitions


NEW K328i DLR  THE GAME-CHANGER (3,5-28x50i)

The groundbreaking K328i DLR sets new performance standards with a pioneering new-generation optical design. It offers a 40 % wider field of view*, an exceptionally comfortable eyebox and 8x zoom with perfect optical performance across the entire adjustment range. With DLR elevation turret optimised specially for dynamic long-range competitions with an emphasis on speed.

*) Based on comparison with the K525i at 25x magnification.

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The DLR variant is optimized for the fast action nature of Dynamic Long Range competitions. It features extended field of view, easy to read clicks, extralong throw lever and parallax spinner.

Phillip Velayo from Modern Day Sniper published a review about our new K525i DLR.

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K525i  FOR HIGHEST DEMANDS (5-25x56i)

The K525i combines maximum optical performance and precision with unique handling and ergonomics. A rugged riflescope for professionals, with windage optional left or right, precise illuminated reticles in 1st focal plane and the unique TWIST GUARD windage.



K624i  FOR LONG DISTANCES (6-24x56i)

The K624i sets standards in handling and ergonomics thanks to the unique arrangement of its operating elements. It offers outstanding optical performance, mechanical perfection and a unique range of well proven reticles for professionals and competition shooters.




The K318i means optical and mechanical perfection packed into an ultrashort design. With precise illuminated reticles in 1st focal plane, sharply defined throughout the entire magnification range and the unique TWIST GUARD windage.

"Kahles K318i scope was really nice suprise. Build as typical tactical, work great in such conditions ( 2nd place in LR Mykita 2019, 2nd place in SingleShot 2019), still was usefull and works well in typical long range paper competitions like F-class. That was proven with high rank places during Long-Shot, F-Class and PPLRS.
In my configuration scope works with Semi-auto AR 10 Stag Arms 6,5CM. Mounted in WKZ 30MOA mount. Most important parameters make it versitale and easy to use: very nice clicks, extremly clear image even with top magnification, very intuitive reticle SMKR3 and low weight." - Jakub Sidorowicz



Multigun competitions



The unparalleled 50-m field of view of the K18i-2 sets the standard for IPSC and 3-Gun matches. With 8x zoom, true 1.0x magnification and an extra-bright illuminated reticle with the unique MAX LIGHT function, it is optimised for competition in every detail.

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K18i  THE MATCH WINNER (1-8x24i)

Optimized for IPSC and 3-Gun matches, the K18i with 8 x zoom features an ultra-wide field of view, specially designed, extra-bright illuminated reticles with unique MAX LIGHT function and an individually adjustable throw lever.

"K18i with IPSC reticle fits practical shooting perfectly. Excellent optical clarity combined with the widest field of view guarantees clear vision with all magnifications. Bright red dot, and indeed almost the clear dot only, makes aiming easy even on the sunniest daylight. The integrated and adjustable zoom lever is the quickest on the market to use. When using the equipment is easy, it is accurate and fast. Those are the diligentia and celeritas of the IPSC motto DVC. Vis, power, is left for the bullet to do. A scope is playing an essential role in IPSC rifle shooting and Kahles K18i with IPSC reticle is the best choice for it." - Raine Peltokoski




The K16i is ideal for acquiring targets within a very short time thanks to its ultra-wide field of view. Competition shooters benefit from the extra-high nose and the large, easy to use adjustment ring.

"I choose to shoot the K16i because it is simply the best scope for 2gun and 3gun.  The crystal clear glass allows me to see my targets better.  The super wide field of view let’s me see more down range and transition from target to target quicker.  The K16i 3G reticle is clean and simple with excellent wind holds.  This allows me to hold for elevation and wind very quickly.  I also like that it’s a lightweight scope that doesn’t weigh my rifle down." - Morgan Rose



Static Long Range competitions


The K1050 has been specifically designed to provide optimum precision for competition shooting. Weighing just 31oz.(890 g) and only 17in. (429 mm) long, with its unique parallax adjustment, starting from just 9 yards (8 metres), it provides unparalleled precision.

"The Kahles K 1050 MOA is very clear and annual the 20 MOA per revolution is a big gain. For me the best glass on the market, and not just for F-class." - Alexander Kreutz



Field Target competitions


The K1050i FT offers a uniquely precise experience. With the special parallax focus ranging from 9 to 66 yards (8 to 60 metres) and an illuminated reticle in the 2 nd focal plane, it has been optimally designed for Field Target competitions.

"As a World Class Field Target shooter, my expectations for the perfect scope are at the highest level. I need an optic that will range-find in almost any light condition and is extremely temperature stable because of the various environments in which we shoot. The Kahles K1050iFT is all that and more, with the best reticle for Field Target." - Lauren Parson