Dynamic Long Range, 3Gun / Multigun, F-Class, Benchrest, Field Target, Extreme Long Range and KAHLES


Dynamic Long Range shooting
are called competitions in which different time limits, different stages, various static/dynamic goals and short/long distances are beside physical and mental fitness the main challenges. The "KAHLES Dynamic Long Range Competitions" are held according to these principal features.



3 Gun / Multi-Gun shooting
are practical shooting events where each of the stages require the competitor to use a combination of rifles, handguns, and/ or shotguns. Multigun has a lot in common with ordinary IPSC/ USPSA single gun matches, and matches generally have courses of fire where the shooter must move through different stages and engage targets in a variety of different positions.

Multigun in its oldest form is arranged by the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) as Tournaments, but doesn't require the competitor to transition between firearms during the stage. Instead tournaments consists of separate Component Matches for each firearm type with a combined scoring in the end.

Beside the worldwide accomplished IPSC tournaments the 3 Gun Nation series are one of the most popular competitions held in North America.


F-Class shooting
is a rapidly growing variant of Fullbore Target Rifle which permits optical telescopic sights/riflescopes and shooting rests in the front and rear like for instance a bipod and/or bags. Competitions are fired at distances from 274 to 914m (300-1000 yards), and the center of the target has an extra scoring ring which is half the size of the one used in traditional Palma shooting. Based on equipment, competitors can choose to compete in one of the two classes Open or Standard.


Benchrest shooting
is a shooting sport discipline in which high-precision rifles are shot at paper targets. The rifles ride on a front and rear rest (which may or may not be joined depending on the rules of a particular competition) sitting on a table or bench, hence the name "benchrest". The shooter simply sits at the bench, in distinction to other shooting disciplines, where the shooter holds and aims the rifle without the benefit of a rest.


Field Target shooting
is an outdoor field shooting sport shot with air guns. Competitions are usually fired at self indicating steel targets placed between 9 to 50 m (9.8 to 54.7 yds). There are two classes; Piston for spring-piston air guns, and PCP for pre-charged pneumatic air guns. It is common to use riflescope sights with high magnification and a short depth of field such that an adjustable parallax knob can be used to precisely determine the target distance. The target kill zones have three standardised sizes, which are 15 mm (placed between 12-23 m), 25 mm (placed between 7-37 m) or 40 mm (placed between 7-42 m).


Extreme Long Range shooting


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