Press release

NEW K525i DLR with SKMR reticle


The K525i DLR was launched in January 2021. Today, it is one of the most favoured tactical rifle scopes for ambitious competition shooters all over the world. It is based on the K525i and combines maximum optical performance and precision with unique handling and ergonomics. The DLR models have also been optimised for the fast-action nature of Dynamic Long Range competitions and feature an extended field of view, easy-to-read clicks, an extra-long throw lever and parallax spinner. Due to the great success of the DLR concept, the range is now being expanded to include two models with an SKMR reticle.

Just like the SKMR4 reticle, the SKMR reticle (Shannon Kay Milling Reticle) was developed by Shannon Kay and is a popular reticle for shooters in PRS or other dynamic competitions at medium and long distances. It is a simple, clear alternative to the SKMR4 reticle and therefore an important addition to the DLR range.



.:. Maximum optical performance with extra wide field of view
.:. 100 clicks per rotation - absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and clearly defined clicks
.:. Extra-large turret lettering for easy and fast reading
.:. Optional left or right TWIST GUARD windage
.:. Special equipment: extra-long throw lever & parallax spinner for quick adjustments
.:. Precise illuminated SKMR / SKMR4 reticle in 1st focal plane


The K525i DLR with SKMR reticle will be available from January 2022 in the CCW version with optional left or right side windage at a recommended retail price of US$ .