A story of passion and success


Karl Robert Kahles merged the Simon Plössl Company and the Opto-Mechanical Workshop of Karl Fritsch in Vienna and found the KAHLES Company.


KAHLES introduced the legendary TELORAR riflescope in five different magnifications. Precise and reliable, these early KAHLES riflescopes soon became highly respected by hunters everywhere. At the same time, KAHLES offered binoculars and telescopes for astronomic viewing.


Following the founders sudden death, the second generation - Ernst and Karl Kahles - took charge and expanded the product range. Some of the MIGNON scopes produced during this time are still used by hunters.


KAHLES introduced the first HELIA-series riflescope - a brilliant scope with a wide field of view.


An economic regime is imposed on KAHLES to produce military products for the ‘Wehrmacht’. KAHLES products of that time are marked with the military code ‘CAD’.


Following severe damage during the World War II, Friedrich Kahles III undertook the task of rebuilding the company. This skilled physicist, specialized in rifle scope production led the company to new levels of success again.


KAHLES developed one of the first variable power rifle scopes.


KAHLES as the first optical manufacturer invented and introduced a waterproof rifle scopes by utilizing O-rings for sealing (a KAHLES-patent). Soon KAHLES improved the HELIA-model further presenting the legendary HELIA SUPER-series.


KAHLES was the first rifle scope manufacturer implementing multi-coating on all air-to-glass surfaces in series production. The new KAHLES-AMV coating (Achromatische Mehrschicht Vergütung) for the very first time, allowed light transmission of more than 90% which is a standard for fine rifle scopes up till now. The new generation of HELIA scopes continues to set higher standards for precision optics, even under extreme conditions.


On the occassion of their 100 year anniversary, KAHLES again set a new milestone in rifle scope history, presenting their new HELIA COMPACTS. With high optical performance, and incredible wide field of view, advanced compact design and typical KAHLES-Ruggedness, hunters everywhere quickly make KAHLES their first choice.


A new line of KAHLES binoculars once again reestablishes the long tradition of precision optical performance, rugged construction and a strong price value relationship that many have come to respect on KAHLES products.


The new HELIA CS-line with the innovative multizero™ elevation adjustments opens a new era in ballistic drop compensation for hunting. The new HELIA CBX-line with digital dimming control for night hunting is the specialist on the edge of physics.


KAHLES invents the innovative illuminated reticle on and switch-off "automaticlight" function and integrates them for the first time in the HELIA CSX and CBX models.


KAHLES presents its new facility in Guntramsdorf.


KAHLES integrates the parallaxwheel in the elevation and allows thereby for the optional windage right- or left-handed.



founded the company KAHLES in 1898. Far beyond the borders, Karl Robert Kahles was a highly respected optics manufacturer who brought together two traditional Viennese optics enterprises into a high-end optics pioneer company. 



both sons of Karl Robert Kahles, continued developing the company into the leading optics manufacturer of the Austrian Empire.  The technical capabilities of Karl and the management skills of Ernst made the KAHLES products appreciated and well-known all over the world.



widow of Karl Kahles, rebuilt the destroyed company after it had suffered serious damage during the Second World War and resumed operation with a lot of competence and passion.



son of Elisabeth Kahles, an experienced physicist and graduate engineer, then led the company to a new level of success. His passion for future-oriented production and his awareness of social responsibility within the company were always in line with the long-standing family tradition. Some of his technical achievements, such as the riflescope design and the coating technology, are immovable milestones in the field of optics construction to this day. 


After the end of the long Kahles family dynasty, the company became part of the KAHLES Ges.m.b.H. with a state-of-the-art facility in Guntramsdorf near Vienna, where, until today, tradition and perfection in the production of optical products are kept up.