Press release

NEW HELIA TI+ thermal imaging products


with latest generation high-resolution sensors

To stay at the cutting edge of hunting technology, you need to continuously adapt and develop both hunting strategies and equipment. The new HELIA TI 18+/35+ models are equipped with latest generation high-resolution 12μm VGA sensors and offer 3x more pixels* and 40% more sensitivity (NETD <20 mK)*.

* in comparison with standard QVGA sensors


This new technology enables, on the one hand, a high-contrast image with unsurpassed detail recognition and, on the other, an exceptionally large field of view.


Two sophisticated, latest generation thermal imaging devices to help you concentrate on the absolute essentials. For the user, this means not a button too many and none in the wrong

with an extremely wide field of view of 44 m/100 m

A low optical magnification of 1.0 and state-of-the-art technology allow an extremely wide, high-contrast field of view of 44 m/100 m for rapid detection of heat sources. Ideal for quickly scanning large areas and forming a comprehensive overview.


with ultra-high detail resolution

Ultra-high imaging and detail resolution together with 2x optical magnification are ideal to reliably identify game and relevant details.


With just two ergonomically located buttons on the top, the devices offer ideal intuitive operation. A very clear menu with only five sub-items can be used to adjust settings individually, such as contrast, brightness, Automaticlight and image sharpness calibration. Fast settings relevant for hunting such as colour modes (White Hot, Black Hot, Red Only) and digital zoom (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x) can be selected directly using the two buttons rather than having to open an additional menu.

The special housing design has been developed to allow easy, ergonomic operation and effortless observation. In addition, the housing shape intuitively supports the correct handling of the device and prevents rolling when placed on a surface. The armouring is easy to grip and controls such as buttons and wheels are perfectly placed. The housing is drop-proof and waterproof and can even be used in extreme temperatures from -20 up to +50 degrees Celsius.

Both devices have high-resolution 1024 x 768px OLED displays for sharp, high-contrast viewing of images from the sensor and integrated rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

We know that quick reactions are often essential when hunting. The HELIA TI+ devices are therefore ready to use in just a few seconds.The intelligent display uses a tilt and motion sensor to automatically switch itself on and off, known as “Automaticlight”, which avoids any distracting light output from the display and allows immediate reactivation without having to press a button. This function also contributes to efficient energy management for the devices, allowing a long battery life even at -20 degrees Celsius.

All components used as well as the accessories supplied are radically optimised for hunting and built to last. A three-year warranty and the usual high service standards from KAHLES ensure quick and competent assistance if required.



.:. Radically simple and intuitive – with only 2 control buttons
.:. High-contrast image with unsurpassed detail recognition
.:. Exceptionally large field of view of up to 44 m/100 m
.:. Intelligent automatic switch-on/-off display with tilt and motion sensor (Automaticlight)
.:. Ready to use in just a few seconds
.:. Drop-proof, waterproof and ready for use in extreme temperatures
.:. Long battery life – even at -20 degrees Celsius
.:. Ergonomic, roll-proof design and perfectly placed controls




The new HELIA TI+ thermal imaging devices complement the existing HELIA TI product portfolio and will be available from May at specialist retailers for around € 2,950.