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When the first competition and tactical rifle scope from KAHLES was launched in 2007, the specific requirements and standards were similar to those of the rifle scopes available for hunting. That is the reason why these special products were based on a hunting rifle scope, optimised to suit the specific demands of tactical applications.

Since then, much has changed with regard to user behaviour and product requirements, and over the last few years KAHLES has enjoyed great success with a wide variety of regular product improvements in the field of tactical and sports shooting. This is particularly because of products such as the K624i, K318i or K525i.
All these were developed with the aim of enabling ambitious sports shooters to concentrate only on the essentials in competition, allowing them to perform at their best.

However, now in 2024 the time has come for KAHLES to present a new era of tactical rifle scopes. Just as Karl Robert Kahles made it his goal 126 years ago not to improve existing products, but to bravely break new ground. This mindset enabled him to design and successfully sell the very first rifle scope as we know it today.

Over the last few years of intensive development, and with the help of the best brains at KAHLES, the company has once again succeeded in bravely breaking new ground and setting a new milestone. For the first time in the company’s history, a completely new technical platform has been developed specially to meet the demands of modern sports and tactical rifle scopes with the reticle in the first focal plane. This has redefined the boundaries of what is technically possible and made what once was impossible a reality.

The result is the ground-breaking new generation of optical design in the K328i that offers a hitherto unseen visual experience when it comes to high-precision rifle scopes with a 40%* wider field of view, 8x zoom with uncompromisingly high image quality – without any limitations – across the entire adjustment range and a more comfortable eyebox than ever before.

*) Based on comparison with the K525i at 25x magnification.

The second new model on this revolutionary technical platform, the K328i DLR, differs from the K328i as it is equipped with a special DLR elevation (100 clicks per revolution) including EasyRead turret lettering, and it has been specially optimised for high-speed, Dynamic Long Range competitions. It is available with the new SKMR+ and SKMR4+ reticles, developed and optimised for the demands of sports shooting. This now brings the SKMR4 reticle, which is already available on other models, to the revolutionary large field of view of the new K328i and the new SKMR+ was designed together with its inventor Shannon Kay to be even more precise to meet the demands of dynamic shooting disciplines such as PRS and DLR. The established and illuminated AMR and MSR2/Ki reticles in the first focal plane are also available on the K328i.

The K328i is another game-changer, just like the TELORAR rifle scope designed by Karl Robert Kahles in 1900. It offers maximum precision, repeat accuracy and unique handling for maximum accuracy.


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.:. Revolutionary optical design with a 40 % wider field of view* and an exceptional eyebox
.:. 8x zoom with perfect optical performance across the entire adjustment range
.:. Windage adjustment on the left or right with TWIST GUARD rotation protection
.:. Patented parallax adjustment integrated in the in the elevation turret (20 m to ∞)
.:. Absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and clearly defined clicks
.:. Precise illuminated reticles in 1st focal plane



.:. Revolutionary optical design with a 40 % wider field of view* and an exceptional eyebox
.:. 8x zoom with perfect optical performance across the entire adjustment range
.:. Windage adjustment on the left or right, patented parallax adjustment integrated in the elevation turret
.:. 100 clicks per rotation – absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and clearly defined clicks
.:. Extra-large turret lettering for easy and fast reading
.:. Precise illuminated reticles in 1st focal plane


Both K328i models will be available from specialist retailers from March 2024, priced at US$ 4777.