NEW K18i

Perfected for competition

The new K18i has been specially designed for use in sports disciplines such as IPSC and 3-Gun competitions and is the result of radical further development of its successful predecessor, the K16i. The characteristics of the K18i have been developed in collaboration with the best pro-shooters in Europe and North America and thoroughly refined for intuitive and rapid target acquisition between 20–300 m (IPSC) and up to 700 m (3-Gun). Consequently, the K18i features perfect optical performance, a large eyebox for immediately gauging your point of focus in relation to your surroundings, an excellent field of view of 5.3–42.5 m/100 m and a new, innovative illumination function by the name of "KAHLES MAX LIGHT". The large zoom factor (8x) in conjunction with the actual 1x magnification provides the ideal combination for target acquisition over a variety of distances and makes an ideal complement to the two completely newly developed reticles (IPSC and 3GR). These have been specially designed with these competitions in mind, for an image that is as distortion-free as possible with fewer, yet still precisely coordinated points and lines of aim. The newly developed and individually positionable throw levers (two sizes included in delivery) and a robust housing design that is tailored to the shooter – along with various other features – allow for the best possible performance in tough competition environments where just a few tenths of a second can make the difference between failure and success.

The K18i will be available in stores starting March 2020 for a retail price of US$ 2.499.



.: Uncompromised optimized for IPSC and 3-Gun matches
.: Ultra wide field of view, 8 times zoom and true 1 magnification
.: 2 sizes of integrated throw levers with free selectable position
.: Extra bright day/night illumination in 2nd focal plane with MAX LIGHT-function for strongest backlight situations
.: With pro-shooters designed reticles especially for IPSC and 3-GUN
.: OILPHOBIC coated lenses