For the first time, KAHLES is presenting a reflex sight for driven hunt – the new HELIA Red Dot (RD). Its unique Anti-Reflexion coating for clear visibility and the precise 2 MOA red dot, designed to cover as little of the game as necessary, make it the ideal sight for an intuitive shot.

The Anti-Reflexion coating provides an excellent image, without any distracting reflections over the entire field of view, while the precise 2 MOA dot allows for minimal target coverage. The red dot can be manually adjusted in four settings for different lighting conditions and the automaticlight function saves valuable energy when not in immediate use. With the accurate and reliable Easyclick adjustment mechanism, sighting in becomes an easy task. Furthermore, the new HELIA sight combines a straight, robust design with easy to use operation elements. The battery compartment can be opened with a coin or a cartridge, making battery change simple and easy. Beside an orange protection cap with integrated slot for a spare battery, the HELIA RD comes either with a Picatinny/Weaver mount or an adapter plate for most popular European red dot mounts.

It will be available in stores starting January 2019 for a retail price of € 400,-



.:. Unique Anti-Reflexion coating for clear visibility
.:. Precise 2 MOA dot and Easyclick
.:. Picatinny/Weaver mount or adapter plate for most popular European mounts included
.:. 4 manual illumination settings with intelligent automatic switch-off
.:. Easy to change battery