KAHLES presents ballistic drop compensation - claim: "hit the mark every time"

KAHLES ballistic drop compensation "hits the mark every time"

It is sometimes necessary to cover long distances. In such cases, there is a high demand for an easy-to-use device to help compensate for ballistic drop in order to ensure accurate long-distance shots. Precision, ease of use, flexibility and controllability combined with maximum accuracy: All of these important characteristics come together in the innovative and patented KAHLES ballistic drop compensation feature, offering everything you need for targeted shots over various distances.

We have developed our new and innovative KAHLES ballistic drop compensation feature with the help of our active customer focus and the insights that it gives us. It combines precision and simple operation – everything you need at that crucial moment. With the KAHLES standard ballistic rings, which are available for common calibres, or the KAHLES individual ballistic rings*, which are tailor-made to customer requirements, achieving excellent shooting accuracy has never been so easy and straightforward. With the KAHLES ballistic drop compensation feature, the days of having to work out how far above your target you should aim when shooting at long distances are now over. The KAHLES ballistic drop compensation device is housed in a fully robust case, available in two different variants: Polished brass or black anodised aluminium. It is available as an option on all Helia 5 rifle scope models, and can also be retrofitted and used on older Helia 5 products. The fitting or retrofitting of the KAHLES ballistic drop compensation device can be performed quickly by a gunsmith. This involves removing the elevation knob and replacing it with the ballistic drop compensation device along with the required KAHLES ballistic ring. The rifle is then sighted in at 100 metres and can be tested at several different shooting distances. This testing process means that independent adjustments (such as barrel length) are no longer necessary and that, after testing has been completed, the scope is professionally aligned to the relevant ballistics and rifle.

Handling made easy: Work out the distance – adjust the ballistics – and go!
To ensure excellent shooting accuracy, it is important to assess and take account of local conditions as precisely as possible and to be familiar with the ballistics of the ammunition being used. However, the biggest challenge for many hunters is not so much determining the distance as taking into account the trajectory, or ballistic curve, of their ammunition at various distances, quickly and accurately. Thanks to the KAHLES ballistic drop compensation device, the knowledge and use of such technical data will in the future only be needed when choosing the right ballistic ring. As soon as the rifle has been sighted in with the chosen KAHLES ballistic ring, having to work out how far above your target you should aim finally becomes a thing of the past.

Flexibility and maximum precision
Using a selection of standard or individual ballistic rings, the KAHLES ballistic drop compensation device can be used with a high degree of flexibility and maximum precision.

Total ease of use
The KAHLES ballistic drop compensation device can be accessed easily and quickly by opening the lid of its case, which is secured with a magnetic lock to prevent accidental opening. The click adjustment tool, which is made of specially hardened and tempered light metal, combined with the ballistic scale, enables the required shooting distance to be set extremely quickly and intuitively using the reliably precise KAHLES Klick. Once the lid of the case has been closed, the KAHLES ballistic drop compensation device is once again optimally protected against accidental adjustment as well as against severe external conditions.

Everything under control and in sight
An opening on the case of the KAHLES ballistic drop compensation device, positioned to be within the user's field of view, makes it easy to read and check the values that have been set, even when the case is closed.

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Technical data
*The optionally available KAHLES individual ballistic rings are individually manufactured for the required ballistics. In order to do this, the required ballistic data and distance scale needs to be sent to KAHLES via a gunsmith/dealer. Production and delivery takes an average of around three weeks worldwide.


The new KAHLES ballistic drop compensation feature will be available at specialist retailers from May 2015 onwards.