KAHLES K312i practical performance for professionals

The new KAHLES K312i offers maximum ergonomic usability and innovation. With a special selection of proven reticle patterns, exceptional optical performance, practical magnification range, and superior mechanical construction, the new K312i is the top choice of expert marksmen worldwide.

The K312i is one of the most versatile and popular models in the KAHLES Competition K / Sport product line. Utilizing the latest advancements in optical design combined with years of experience perfecting this classic magnification range yields a outstanding level of performance.

With this highly innovative rifle scope, the windage turret has been relocated to the left side of the scope and we have integrated our patented top mounted parallax adjustment which is situated immediately below the elevation turret. All primary controls are easily viewed without breaking shooting position and can be manipulated with the left hand while maintaining view through the scope. This equates to less movement in shooting position and enhanced scope operation while maintaining situational awareness of your target through the scope! An infinitely adjustable reticle illumination control is located on the right side of the scope.

The K312i is built on a one piece scope body with a 34mm main tube and weighs only 836 grams and it boasts also an industry leading field of view of 3,4 meters. The ultra-precision adjustments, constructed of hardened steel and machined to the most demanding tolerances, deliver 100% accuracy and a maximum in longevity for wear resistance. This specific combination of this features creates the most definitive ergonomically designed scope today.

Technical details:
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