Press release

NEW Helia S 42 binoculars


The new Helia S 42 binoculars 8x42 and 10x42 impress with their uncompromised focus on what is really IMPORTANT when hunting: functionality, reliability, and handling.

The revival of the term “Helia S”...older generations will still remember it. Already in the 60s, “S” stood for “Super” at KAHLES and was the eponym for the then top product series named “Helia Super”. Today, the new Helia S 42 again combine the best values in itself and form the pendant to our successful Helia riflescope series.

The new and efficient Helia S optical system with its specially developed lens compensation creates images that are rich in contrast and sharply contoured, optimally attuned for the field of hunting. This is significantly demonstrated by the field of view of up to 136m / 1000m, and with the optical performance of both models that were designed for the most diverse lighting situations and daily use.

Compact design and low weight along with optimised handling allow for effortless observation and light luggage. In order to provide the best possible wearing comfort, a new comfort rifle swing with useful details - coming from the field of photo cameras - was developed and additionally equipped with a high-quality quick release fastener.

Manufactured in Austria, the Helia S 42 are the perfect allrounders for the hunt.



.:. Powerful high contrast optics system with exceptional edge sharpness
.:. Wide field of view of up to 136 m
.:. Light and ergonomic - for high observation comfort even during long periods of use
.:. Durable and resilient with a robust magnesium housing
.:. High quality comfort strap with an innovative quick release fastener


The HELIA S42 binoculars will be available in stores starting April 2021 for a retail price of € 1.500.