Helia Binoculars for passionate hunters

Brilliant optics, natural earthy coloring and high-innovative accessories

The natural, earthy color of the Helia binoculars and the lightweight, ergonomic and balanced open-bridge design, is ideal for inconspicuous use and wildlife watching in the hunting area. The wide field of view, the two practical magnification ranges (8x42 / 10x42) and the high quality manufactured noiseless accessories, which were developed by hunters for hunters, are especially designed and built for smart and universal use. Latest lens technology enables natural-bright images with sharp detail view at day and twilight and a robust and waterproof casing, made of lightweight high tech components and nitrogen-filled, provides 100% protection from fogging and dirt.

KAHLES Helia Binoculars are convenient and brilliant - from daybreak till twilight.



.: Brilliant image quality from daylight till twilight
.: Lightweight and ergonomic with ideal balanced open-bridge design
.: Natural, earthy coloring ideal for inconspicuous wearing and watching
.: Robust, anti-fog coating and 100% waterproof
.: Innovative accessories of high-quality noiseless natural materials from manufactory Waldkauz® consisting of handmade leather-wool felt sling and unique binoculars case-protection-combination of brown alpine Loden materials