2019/01/25-26KAHLES winter offensive 2019PolandInformationSkarzysko

Cold shot 800m | Precision 300/600/800m
Speed 600m | Duel 900m (steel poppers)

2019/02/22-23VSETÍNSKÁ „thousand“ by IWATCCzech RepublicResultsStřelná/Vsetín

1. round precision shooting

2019/03/17KAHLES dynamical competition Slovak RepublicResultsSenica-Zahorie


2019/03/30KAHLES BALTIC CUP 2019LituaniaResultsRukla

T-CLASS long range shooting competition

2019/04/05-06VSETÍNSKÁ „thousand“ by IWATCCzech RepublicInvitationStřelná/Vsetín

2. round dynamic shooting

2019/04/12-14Int. T-class KAHLES dynamic competitionBulgariaResultsPUP Slivnica

Dynamic competition according to T-class rules

2019/05/10KAHLES F Class 1000 competitionSlovak RepubliccanceledDevičany


2019/05/18-19KAHLES northen european competitionDenmarkResultsSkjern

300-1200m | 10+ Stages

2019/05/19KAHLES dynamical competition Slovak RepublicResultsSenica-Zahorie


2019/06/21KAHLES F Class 1000 competitionSlovak RepublicResultsDevičany


2019/06/23KAHLES dynamical competition Slovak RepublicResultsSenica-Zahorie


2019/06/28-29VSETÍNSKÁ „thousand“ by IWATCCzech RepublicResultsStřelná/Vsetín

3. round dynamic shooting

2019/07/26-27VSETÍNSKÁ „thousand“ by IWATCCzech RepublicInvitationStřelná/Vsetín

4. round precision shooting

2019/08/29-30KAHLES DYNAMIC LR CHALLENGEAustriaResultsFelixdorf


2019/09/08KAHLES dynamical competitionSlovak Republiccanceled (weather)Senica-Zahorie


2019/09/27KAHLES F Class 1000 competitionSlovak RepublicInformationDevičany


2019/10/10-12KAHLES dynamical competitionSlovak RepublicInformation (ENG |SVK)Senica-Zahorie


2019/10/25KAHLES F Class 1000 competitionSlovak RepublicInformationDevičany

300-1000m Final

Dynamic Long Range Challenge 2019

Event report

60 international shooters from 16 countries, individual classification, 8 stages, time limit.
Prices K525i | HELIA RF 10x42 | HELIA 8x42

The third KAHLES Dynamic Long Range Competition was successfully held on 29.-30. August 2019 in Felixdorf. Together with the Austrian Armed Forces a challenging and varied shooting event was organized, which was very demanding and exciting for the inter-national shooters. Summer weather conditions (outside temperatures ~30-34°C / wind force 2-5m sec.) enabled a great competition with fair conditions for all participants. The given time limit, which was just 2 minutes on the 8 different stages and very special tasks, which were both physically and psychologically challenging, made this KAHLES competition sweaty besides the high temperatures.


Punctually and exactly according to plan, after an intensive briefing, the official start signal sounded at 12.30 p.m. and the shooters started to the assigned stages and started to place their hits. In addition to Sius “live” recordings, the hits were documented by the individual Range Of-ficers. Each stage had different goals, distances and times, which could be achieved with a strictly regulated number of ammunition. From the covered rifle scope to the water bath, many surprises awaited the shooters. Some of them reached their limits, some of them showed incredible performances. Nevertheless, the joy of shooting was at the top and many laughing and positive faces made this sporting event unique.



I - Sius
400-1200m | 2 minutes | Truck | lying

II - covered scope challenge
500m | 2 minutes | Trailer | lying

III - distraction alpha
500-1000m | 2 minutes | Hill | lying

IV - distraction bravo
500-1000m | 2 minutes | Hill | lying

V – tire frustration
500-600m | 2 minutes | water filled tires | standing

VI - slalom
400-900m | 2 minutes | Truck | lying

VII - sequence
500-700m | 2 minutes | Truck | lying

Without any relevant incidents the competition ended on the first day at 18:30pm.


Day 2
The second day began again with bright sun in the sky and noticeable tension among the participants. Because nobody knew which challenges had to be mastered next. The briefing at 09:30am made the suspense rise again, as different very difficult paper targets, set at 400 m, were waiting for the shooters. Horn signals had to be followed meticulously at start and stop and the distance from shooter to shooter - in lying position - on the field was hardly more than 10cm. Threaded up in a 70m long line the given missions (invisible1, piano, green light, invisble2, twist-ing nerve) had to be completed in shortest time intervals and absolutely unprepared. Here, detailed knowledge about the use of reticle, the correct operation of the rifle scope turrets, click accuracy and optical performance were the keys to success. In the end, every single hit counted to win this crucial challenge.

After that the final points were evaluated. Meanwhile, it was possible for the shooters to train on one Sius shooting range at long distance, or spend their time until the award ceremony started with barbecue specialties in the supply tent and with talks of their shooting experiences. At 15:00pm it was “time of the truth” - the expected award ceremony began. With congratula-tions from commander-in-chief of the ÖBH-ARWT Felixdorf, Mr. Brigadier M. Janisch and our team we could present the three KAHLES main prizes to the winners.

KAHLES Long Range Competition Days 2017/2018