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Ambient light conditions

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dawn   day
Choose the ambient light conditions between night, dawn and day.

Light conditions

  • Sonne/Mond
  • Wolke
  • Nebel
  • Regen
Choose the light condition.


50 m 350 m Info
Please choose the target distance. The preview image will be shown in smaller size with increasing the distance.

Art der Jagd

Please choose your hunting situation. Stand or Stalking Hunt.


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  1. Please choose your prefered reticle. There are illuminated and non-illuminated reticles available.
  2. The illuminated reticle can be dimmed continuously.
  3. With reticles in the first focal plane the reticle increases / decreases inversely proportional with the magnification range in proportion to the entire preview image.

Dimming illuminated reticle

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Magnification range

2.5 x 12 x Info
Choose the maximum magnification range for the optic of your prefered rifle scope. The preview image increases with increasing the magnification range.

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