Product features

SR-Rail for riflescope mounting

The SR mounting rail (Swarovski Rail) provides since several years the most innovative riflescope mounting option. The mounting rail grips the upper part of the mount with its teeth and thus guarantees complete shooting stability. Through this technique, the riflescope can also quickly and easily mounted to different rifles and has established itself as a standard mounting rail in the market.

Ballistic Drop Compensation for Helia 5/3 family

Work out the distance – adjust the ballistic ring – and go!

Precision, ease of use, flexibility and controllability combined with maximum accuracy: All of these important characteristics come together in the innovative KAHLES ballistic drop compensation (BDC) feature, offering everything you need for targeted shots over various distances.


With the KAHLES ballistic drop compensation feature, the days of having to work out how far above your target you should aim when shooting at long distances are now over!

Automaticlight function for riflescopes with illuminated reticles

The automaticlight function (tilt sensor) detects whether or not the rifle scope is in a shooting position and transmits this information immediately to the illumination unit. This unit automatically switches the illuminated reticle on or off when not in use, in order to save valuable energy.

Reticle in the 2. image plane (eyepiece image plane)

When the magnification is changed, the reticle remains the same size – although the size of the image changes, the size of the reticle does not. Even at high magnifications, only a little of the target is obscured.

Reticle in the 1. image plane (lens image plane)

When viewing the reticle in the first image plane, the reticle size also changes when the magnification is changed. The bar spacing and the coverage range remain the same.