KAHLES hunting products are developed and designed for daily use and captivate with brilliant and sharp images, innovative technology and maximum light transmission.
The precise mechanics, combined with maximum resistance and perfectly matched optical components make excellent views and clear sighting until the very last light possible.

Law enforcement

Defense, security and safety topics having the highest interests at KAHLES since decades. Even in the time of K.K. monarchy in Europe, KAHLES has been purveyor to the Imperial-Royal Army.
Also in this specific and very precise field we have been from the past until today very successful. This is the reason why today many authorities and special forces belong to our global customer base. They trust in their work under toughest conditions and in the most critical situations in our precise and robust products.


Trust the riflescope pioneer - trust KAHLES!


The KAHLES K products are high-performance rifle scopes for professional use. Ultra-precise mechanics combined with high-tech materials and maximum durability enable with perfectly matched optical components extremely sharp, vivid and natural pictures. With their special developed ergonomic design, their unique features and their user oriented reticles, they provide unmatched accuracy at any distance and make them all to world leaders.

KAHLES the riflescope pioneer since 1898.

Established in 1898, making it the oldest scope producer in the world still in existence.
Backed by a wealth of tradition and famous worldwide for its pioneering spirit and exceptional quality, rifle scopes and binoculars that combine precision with best possible operation nad timeless design are made in Guntramsdorf near Vienna.

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KAHLES AMV coatings provide sharp,
brilliant and accurately detailed
images and highest light transmission
values for the crucial moment

Finest adjustment mechanism
(click setting) with maximum
precision and 100% repeat

Innovative day/night reticle

Dust and moisture protection by
nitrogen filling and highly
developed sealing system –
water/pressure resistant up to
4 meters / 0.4 Bar

Rugged high-quality aluminium
body manufactured out from
solid material with scratchresistant
anodised surface finish

  • La noouvelle lunette polyvalent Helia 5 1,6-8x42i.
    Pour le chasseur électique!
    Domenique Czermann, Chasse SANGLIER PASSION and Grands Gibiers, Mars 2014

  • Once we looked at and through the 6-24x56mm, we became even bigger Kahles fans. The length and magnification range are two of the reasons the
    6-24xperforms so well. This is Kahles’ flagship scope does very well when compared to its peers.
    Guns and Ammo SNIPER, STAFF REPORT, August Oktober 2015

  • I have been using the Kahles K624i since its debut in 2012.
    Time and time again, I find myself reaching for the Kahles when the shots matter the most.
    Frank Galli - Owner of

  • Just a note to let the KAHLES team know that my recent hunt for brown bear in Kamchatka was a success. My K16i performed flawlessly and without fail as I knew it would. Simply - KAHLES scopes are among the most reliable and highest performing scopes made.
    Alex Roy, Owner, EuroOptic Ltd


Professional choice for highest demands

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The K318i is noticeable perfection packed into an ultrashort housing.

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