The KAHLES Identity

KAHLES, the rifle scope pioneer since 1898, is the premium manufacturer of rifle scopes and binoculars on the international market.

Established in 1898, making it the oldest scope producer in the world still in existence. Backed by a wealth of tradition and famous worldwide for its pioneering spirit and exceptional quality, rifle scopes and binoculars that combine precision with best possible operation and timeless design are made in Guntramsdorf near Vienna.


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We are aware that every shooter and observer requires a very clear image through an easy-to-use and absolutely reliable product in order to evaluate the situation the best way possible. With this defined goal in mind we develop and manufacture rugged, high quality optical products that allow users precise targeting and observation at the crucial moment.


Our history and our passion for innovation make us strong.
Based on the KAHLES organizational culture, in which engineering, quality consciousness, the preservation of know-how within the company and ensuring production and job quality are core values, we produce high class products for shooters and observers. A sustainable and modern production facility in Austria, which is heated and cooled completely without fossil fuels and works exclusively with renewable energy was built for a sustainable and environmentally friendly production on the pulse of time.

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Managing Director/CEO Christian Wildner

Since September 2015 Mag. Christian Wildner is the management director of KAHLES. Before he started at KAHLES he has worked for many years in a variety of responsible positions in the areas of marketing, sales, and the strategic development of well known international brands and premium products.


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Setting optical standards since 1898

Karl and Friedrich Kahles are synonymous of the highest Austrian engineering knowledge of world renown.

Their innovative strength and quality awareness were the basis for groundbreaking products in the optical business.

A story of passion and success

  • 1898
    Karl Robert Kahles merged the Simon Plössl Company
    and the Opto-Mechanical Workshop of Karl Fritsch
    in Vienna and found the KAHLES Company.
  • 1900
    KAHLES introduced the legendary TELORAR riflescope in five different magnifications. Precise and reliable, these early KAHLES riflescopes soon became highly respected by hunters everywhere. At the same time, KAHLES offered binoculars and telescopes for astronomic viewing.
  • 1908
    Following the founders sudden death, the second generation -
    Ernst and Karl Kahles - took charge and expanded the product
    range. Some of the MIGNON scopes produced during this time
    are still used by hunters.
  • 1926
    KAHLES introduced the first HELIA-
    series riflescope - a brilliant scope
    with a wide field of view.
  • 1939
    An economic regime is imposed on KAHLES to produce military products for the ‘Wehrmacht’. KAHLES products of that time are marked with the military code ‘CAD’.
  • 1945
    Following severe damage during the World War II, Friedrich Kahles III undertook the task of rebuilding the company. This skilled physicist, specialized in rifle scope production led the company to new levels of success again.
  • 1949
    KAHLES developed one of the first variable power rifle scopes.
  • 1960
    KAHLES as the first optical manufacturer invented and introduced a waterproof rifle scopes by utilizing O-rings for sealing (a KAHLES-patent). Soon KAHLES improved the HELIA-model further presenting the legendary HELIA SUPER-series.
  • 1972
    KAHLES was the first rifle scope manufacturer implementing multi-coating on all air-to-glass surfaces in series production. The new KAHLES-AMV coating (Achromatische Mehrschicht Vergütung) for the very first time, allowed light transmission of more than 90% which is a standard for fine rifle scopes up till now. The new generation of HELIA scopes continues to set higher standards for precision optics, even under extreme conditions.
  • 1998
    On the occassion of their 100 year anniversary, KAHLES again set a new milestone in rifle scope history, presenting their new HELIA COMPACTS. With high optical performance, and incredible wide field of view, advanced compact design and typical KAHLES-Ruggedness, hunters everywhere quickly make KAHLES their first choice.
  • 2000
    A new line of KAHLES binoculars once again reestablishes the long tradition of precision optical performance, rugged construction and a strong price value relationship that many have come to respect on KAHLES products.
  • 2003
    The new HELIA CSX-line with digital dimming control sets new standards in optical performance and ergonomic design.
  • 2005
    The new HELIA CS-line with the innovative multizero™ elevation adjustments opens a new era in ballistic drop compensation for hunting. The new HELIA CBX-line with digital dimming control for night hunting is the specialist on the edge of physics.
  • 2006
    The new HELIA CL-line with serially parallax adjustment and optional multizero™ micromechanics allows the shooter to zero the riflescope in up to five different shooting distances.
  • 2007
    KAHLES invents the innovative illuminated reticle on and switch-off "automaticlight" function and integrates them for the first time in the HELIA CSX and CBX models.
  • 2010
    The new HELIA KX and KXi set new standards in the 1-inch rifle scope series.
  • 2012
    KAHLES presents in its new facility in Guntramsdorf the first model of the series Helia 5.
  • 2014
    KAHLES reached the hurdle of 50x magnification with the new developed K1050.
  • 2015
    KAHLES presents a innovative ballistic drop compensation accessories for all Helia 3/5 products.

Personalities of KAHLES success story


Karl Robert Kahles,
the founder and widely respected optics maker succeeds in 1898 to merge two traditional Viennese optical manufacturers into one pioneering enterprise in high end optics. Both his sons,


Ernst und Karl Kahles,
successfully manage to grow the company to be one of the leading optical manufacturers of the Austrian Empire. The technical skills of Karl and the management skills of Ernst soon make KAHLES products popular around the globe. Following severe damage of the KAHLES plant during World War II, Karl Kahles’ widow


Elisabeth Kahles,
successfully rebuilds the company with skills and passion. Soon her son,


Friedrich Kahles,
a skilled physician and graduate Engineer, leads the company to new levels of success. His passion for state-of-the-art machinery as well as his awareness of social responsibilities within the company are in line with the long-lasting family tradition. Some of his technical achievements in riflescope design and coating technology are setting milestones in the field of optics.


Following the end of the Kahles family dynasty and the creation of the KAHLES Ltd in the late 1980th,


Johann Peternel,
successfully managed the operations in Vienna. His high technical competence and sound management skills soon find their expression in highly competetive KAHLES products.


Robert Artwohl,
tooked the critical task to build up the new facility in Guntramsdorf and could restart the production at the highest level outside of the city of Vienna with nearly the entire highly qualified KAHLES main team, because of his fine management skills. Through his distribution knowledge and his passion, he could place new and innovative products on the market and found new market fields around the world.


The idea of sponsorship and teamwork are fixed components in the corporate identity of KAHLES. Therefore our sponsoring activities are planned very carefully and with the best possible compliance with our brand values.


An active support of athletes worldwide, as well as the active support of sociopolitical events, is in addition to the increase our brand awareness a crucial element in our daily business. As a traditional Austrian company, KAHLES considers to support general community interests as an obligation, even if they do not directly serve business purpose.


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